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last changeWed, 13 Feb 2019 14:09:49 +0000 (15:09 +0100)
3 days ago Tobias JohanssonRegression after ui update: Found by sentry master production
3 days ago Tobias JohanssonRegression fix: Highlight selected task "dot" in shots...
4 days ago Tobias JohanssonVue Attract: Default sort shots by cut_in_timeline_in_f...
4 days ago Tobias JohanssonVue Attract: Sort/filterable table based on Vue
9 days ago Tobias JohanssonNavigation: Unified cloud navigation
2019-01-04 Sybren A. StüvelGulp fix for NodeJS 10
2018-12-12 Tobias JohanssonVue Comments: Comments ported to Vue + DnD fileupload
2018-09-19 Francesco SiddiUse correct permission format for gulp-chmod
2018-09-17 Francesco SiddiUpdate pillar hooks path to eve_hooks
2018-09-07 Pablo VazquezAttract icon in the setup for Attract button
2018-09-07 Pablo VazquezMinor adjustments to layout edit settings
2018-09-06 Pablo VazquezAttract: class name fixes
2018-09-06 Pablo VazquezGulp: Only chmod files if in production
2018-09-06 Pablo VazquezGulp: fix broken path in Sass
2018-09-06 Pablo VazquezNPM: Upgrade dependencies.
2018-09-06 Pablo VazquezCSS: Build bootstrap as part of main.css
23 months ago last-py27 tagged last version to run on Pytho...
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