BProjection: add the possibility to scale the plan according to the 3D Cursor in...
[blender-addons-contrib.git] / mesh_normal_smooth.py
2012-03-24 Brendon Murphyfix for mesh.faces > mesh.polygons
2012-02-22 Brendon Murphyadded broken warning to warn users.
2012-01-14 Campbell Bartonremove api field, was never used
2011-08-07 Brendon Murphyfix for matrix multiplication changes
2011-04-14 Brendon Murphyfixed error "normalize" > "normalized"
2011-04-14 Brendon Murphyfix for api updates (menu registration)
2011-01-14 Campbell Bartonbl_addon_info --> bl_info
2010-12-21 M.G. Kishalmifix: made version a tuple - broke parser.
2010-11-20 Brendon MurphyAdded mesh_normal_smooth.py to contrib & svn.