Internal support for rotating duplis according to the ground slope normal.
[blender-addons-contrib.git] / online_mat_lib /
2014-07-21 Brendon Murphyremove old tracker url.
2014-07-21 Brendon MurphyFix broken addon for 2.7x thanks to TrueCryer
2014-02-04 CoDEmanXClean-up: bl_info['tracker_url'] updated to developer...
2013-06-19 Brendon Murphyfurther fix for bundled osl by meta-androcto
2013-06-19 Brendon Murphyupdate for missing nodes missing nodes (BsdfVelvet...
2013-06-03 Brendon Murphyquick fix for online matlib. bundled lib working again.
2013-03-15 Peter CassettaRemoved revision-specific checks in online_mat_lib...
2013-02-19 Peter CassettaMaterial Library Add-on Improvements
2013-02-15 Peter CassettaFix handling of nodegroup names
2013-02-14 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2013-02-13 Peter CassettaSmall bugfix and new material
2013-02-13 Peter CassettaBundled Material Library Maintenance
2013-02-12 Peter CassettaMinor fix in faulty logic.
2013-02-12 Peter CassettaRemoved some compatibility stuff for 2.63
2013-02-12 Peter CassettaCommitting Online Material Library Add-on v0.6
2013-01-02 Peter CassettaRe-added support for 2.63 to the online_mat_lib addon.
2012-12-23 Brendon Murphyremove test hex files, add skin/dragon_scales_osl.bcm
2012-12-23 Brendon Murphyadding stones/veined_marble_osl.bcm
2012-12-23 Brendon Murphyrename hex_osl
2012-12-23 Brendon Murphyadd effects/wireframe_osl.bcm & patterns/sierpinski_squ...
2012-12-23 Brendon Murphy(no commit message)
2012-12-22 Brendon Murphyadding effects/fingerprint_osl.bcm & patterns/chain_lin...
2012-12-22 Brendon Murphyremove osl folder & woven_wool.bcm
2012-12-20 Peter CassettaAdd-on no longer attempts to access bpy.context at...
2012-12-19 Campbell Bartonfix [#33615] bl_info (2,6,5,0) vs. (2,65,0) ?
2012-12-16 Brendon Murphyadded osl_textures/hex_color.bcm, osl_textures/hex_wire.bcm
2012-12-16 Brendon Murphyfix to make osl script internal
2012-12-15 Brendon Murphyadding category: osl_textures, added very basic set...
2012-12-12 Peter CassettaOSL script nodes now save options.
2012-12-12 Peter CassettaBugfixing for OSL script nodes with internal scripts.
2012-12-12 Peter CassettaForgot to add replace function to applying material.
2012-12-11 Peter CassettaFixed bug when writing brackets from OSL scripts to...
2012-12-11 Peter CassettaRemoved material "Basic Blue" from Bundled library.
2012-12-11 Peter CassettaFixed some bugs and improved a couple small things.
2012-12-09 Peter CassettaCommitting latest add-on version.
2012-12-03 Brendon Murphycommit nature materials forest & lava.
2012-11-27 Brendon Murphyempty folder was not being built, added text explaining...
2012-11-15 Peter CassettaBugfix: Add-on was defaulting to Bundled library's...
2012-11-14 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2012-11-13 Peter CassettaFixed material.
2012-11-13 Brendon Murphyadding new category 'skin' added new materials 'pox...
2012-11-13 Peter CassettaAdding Online Material Library add-on to contrib.