Fix for invalid break statement outside loop.
[blender-addons-contrib.git] / io_scene_fpx /
2014-02-04 CoDEmanXClean-up: bl_info['tracker_url'] updated to developer...
2014-01-11 beta-testerfixed mark_as_ramp_end_point handling
2013-10-15 Alexander Nmod: ray depth = 6; mod: camera & lamp layer = 1. & 2.
2013-10-15 Alexander Nfix: missing alpha link at material node.
2013-10-14 Alexander Nadded a lamp above the table. added nodes for blender...
2013-10-13 Alexander Nfix: sometimes curve bevels weren't assigned when they...
2013-09-05 Alexander Nfixed filepath handling for Linux
2013-09-03 Alexander Nfix: camera/view-port setup. in previous commit, it...
2013-09-03 Alexander Nfixed wrong image name for DEFAULT_LAMP_TEXTURE
2013-09-01 Alexander Nfixed my previous commit (removed shere_map_the_top...
2013-09-01 Alexander Nstarted to implement curve to mesh conversion + UVMap
2013-08-31 Alexander Nadded "set_scene_to_metric" operator
2013-08-31 Alexander Nquiet some debug outputs
2013-08-31 Alexander Nfix some curve texture handling + modified some models...
2013-08-28 Alexander Nadded more texture handling and materials.
2013-08-24 Alexander Nfix some bad object item naming
2013-08-23 Alexander Nadded texture material for cycles render engine
2013-08-23 Alexander Nprepared for texture handling.
2013-08-12 Alexander Nfix: position of round light
2013-07-18 Alexander Ninitial commit