Renaming addon to fit convention of other addons
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2012-07-03 Bastien MontagneStyle edit (mostly), use """ for docstrings (not ''').
2012-06-23 Brendon Murphyupdate wiki link to 2.6
2012-03-14 Florian Meyerfix typo in bl_info
2012-03-14 Florian MeyerLargely rewritten. 1. Uses bmesh now. 2. removed the...
2012-01-14 Campbell Bartonremove api field, was never used
2011-11-19 Campbell Bartonindentation edits
2011-10-26 mr Kilon Aliosfixed a small bug (missing prop) , should work fine now
2011-10-25 mr Kilon Aliosok i got it to work, it seems object.location was creat...
2011-10-25 mr Kilon AliosTried to implement random location on ground , but...
2011-09-28 Brendon Murphyadding to contrib.