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[blender-addons-contrib.git] / ewoc_projects_tools /
2014-10-27 Gert De Roostewoc_projects_tools version 1.4.0
2014-07-08 Brendon Murphyfixes for toolshelf
2014-02-04 CoDEmanXClean-up: bl_info['tracker_url'] updated to developer...
2013-11-19 CoDEmanXFix for bl_info blender versions, many addons used...
2013-09-15 Gert De RoostEWOCtools update
2013-09-15 Gert De Roostadded KeepTrans to EWOCtools
2013-09-15 Gert De Roostadded DeCouple removed FilletPlus from EWOC
2013-09-14 Gert De RoostEWOCtools updates + code cleanup
2013-09-10 Campbell Bartonrename addon, no spaces please.