addons-contrib: more view_layer syntax updates
[blender-addons-contrib.git] /
2019-01-17 NBurnUpdate contrib Add-ons class properties to annotations
2016-07-22 meta-androctomass clean up: remove/replace redundant bl_tracker...
2015-04-20 mifth[UV Utility] added RemoveUVByName and RenameActiveUV...
2014-03-29 mifth[UV Utility] fixes for the addon.
2014-03-16 mifth[UV Utility] the addon is added to Tools Tab.
2013-12-17 mifth[UVUtility] other fixes of IdeasMan_42 suggestions
2013-12-17 mifth[UVUtilities] fix for Campbell's suggestions
2013-12-17 mifth[UV Utility] new script "UVUtility" added to contributi...