use new preferences standard and fixes for various blender changes
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2012-12-19 Campbell Bartonfix [#33615] bl_info (2,6,5,0) vs. (2,65,0) ?
2012-12-19 Campbell Bartoncorrect version strings for bl_info
2012-08-25 Campbell Bartonuse sets when checking against multiple types
2012-07-04 Bastien MontagneMore spell checking.
2012-04-15 Sebastian NellAdded option to export vertex colors as alpha transpare...
2012-04-11 Campbell Bartonminor edits, comments and remove BOM
2012-04-01 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2012-03-31 Sebastian NellAdding Call of Duty IO alias BlenderCoD to contrib.