Set material and color properties of Blob objects.
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2014-07-21 Bastien MontagneFix T39450: CTest 'script_load_addons' fails
2014-02-04 CoDEmanXClean-up: bl_info['tracker_url'] updated to developer...
2012-12-19 Campbell Bartonfix [#33615] bl_info (2,6,5,0) vs. (2,65,0) ?
2012-11-01 Campbell Bartonupdate for changes in svn
2012-09-19 Brendon Murphyfix wiki/tracker url
2012-09-16 Brendon Murphyclosed panels by default
2012-07-03 Bastien MontagneStyle edit (mostly), use """ for docstrings (not ''').
2012-06-24 Sebastian NellMesh Face Info Select addon: added wiki link
2012-04-13 Campbell Bartonupdate for changes in svn.
2012-04-03 Sebastian NellInitial commit of a little utility. It displays face...