3 days ago Ankit MeelGitHub: add PR template, add probot stale config blender-v3.0-release master
2021-09-06 Aaron CarlisleUpdate class names after api changes to Blender studio-sprite-fright
2021-08-02 Campbell BartonFix error with object_creaprim handler being lost
2021-07-30 Campbell BartonCleanup: quiet warnings registering add-ons
2021-07-30 Campbell BartonFix error registering netrender
2021-07-19 jim mansvg addon: Cleanup: Use more pythonic idioms
2021-06-22 Damien PicardCamera overscan: tweak UI
2021-05-26 Leon ZandmanSome minor spelling fixes.
2021-05-03 NBurnxedit: code cleanup, better function names
2021-05-02 NBurnxedit: regression bugfix causing transform freeze
2021-04-30 NBurnxedit: bugfix for rotation chooser GUI
2021-04-30 NBurnxedit: bugfix for right click not being passed
2021-04-30 NBurnxedit: code cleanup and reorganization
2021-04-15 NBurnxedit: bugfix for rotation problem in T85734 blender-v2.93-release v2.93.0 v2.93.1 v2.93.2 v2.93.3 v2.93.4 v2.93.5
2021-04-15 NBurnxedit: code cleanup, minor rearrangement
2021-04-15 NBurnxedit: code cleanup, remove redundant bool check
2021-04-15 NBurnxedit: Code cleanup, reorganizing code
2021-04-14 NBurnxedit: name cleanup, RotDat > TransDat
2021-03-30 Damien PicardAfter Effects export: fix zoom when camera's sensor...
2021-03-17 Damien PicardAfter Effects export: Fix T86504: Camera position offse...
2021-02-20 Damien PicardAfter Effects export: add solid and image plane export
2020-12-09 Robert GuetzkowFix incorrect rename of clamp to clight blender-v2.92-release v2.92.0
2020-10-16 Campbell Bartonobject_animrenderbake: suppress errors registering blender-v2.91-release v2.91.0 v2.91.2
2020-09-27 Campbell BartonFix partially renamed variables (seems rename was only...
2020-09-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: autopep8 3DS i/o
2020-09-24 Sebastian SilleSigned-off-by: Sebastian Sille <>
2020-07-15 Alexander GavrilovThe apply_as parameter of modifier_apply was removed... blender-v2.90-release v2.90.0 v2.90.1
2020-06-17 CansecoGPCRemove Import BrushSet from contrib
2020-06-15 Sybren A. StüvelMocap: fix AttributeError when there is no active object
2020-06-07 Aaron CarlisleUI: Do not use term 'Subsurf'
2020-03-05 Campbell BartonFix incorrect identity comparisons blender-v2.83-release v2.83 v2.83.1 v2.83.10 v2.83.12 v2.83.13 v2.83.14 v2.83.15 v2.83.16 v2.83.17 v2.83.18 v2.83.2 v2.83.3 v2.83.4 v2.83.5 v2.83.6 v2.83.7 v2.83.8 v2.83.9
2020-03-05 Campbell BartonCleanup: tabs -> spaces
2020-03-05 Campbell BartonUpdate 'bl_info' use 'doc_url' instead of 'wiki_url'
2020-03-05 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing space
2020-03-01 Brecht Van... Fix .arcconfig not working with latest arcanist version
2020-02-17 Jeroen BakkerAdd-on: remove deprecated height parameter
2020-02-17 Sybren A. StüvelMocap add-on: fixed matrix multiplication operators...
2019-12-11 meta-androctoadd_mesh_rocks: give run in mesh extra objects addon... blender-v2.82-release v2.82 v2.82a
2019-12-09 CansecoGPCAmaranth: Moved back to official add-ons repo
2019-12-09 Campbell Bartonnode_presets: moved back to officially supported add...
2019-12-09 Damien Picardsun_position: remove from contrib: T69936
2019-12-09 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Remove from contrib. Task: T69577
2019-12-09 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add highlighting to isolation toggl...
2019-12-09 meta-androctoimport_3ds: fix for image paths: T66329
2019-12-09 meta-androctorestore mesh_easy_lattice: T66947
2019-12-08 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add Filter By Selected. Task: T69577
2019-12-05 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add toggle children to RTs. Task...
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: fix errors when selecting wrong types...
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: UTC zone as float
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: fix time calculations
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: cleanup properties
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: set default date to today
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: update presets
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: remove world map operator and image file
2019-12-04 Damien Picardsun_position: fix rotation order
2019-12-03 CansecoGPCAmaranth fixes
2019-11-26 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Update Tooltips. Task: T69577
2019-11-26 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add invert to restore toggles....
2019-11-25 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Added proper view layer support...
2019-11-16 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Made filtering case-insensitive...
2019-11-14 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Fixed filtering bug. Task: T69577
2019-11-13 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add Phantom Mode. Task: T69577
2019-11-04 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Fix bug with sync selection. Task...
2019-11-04 Ryan InchCollection Manager: fix operator undo. Task: T69577
2019-11-04 Ryan InchCollection Manager: sync list selection to active colle...
2019-11-03 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Add shortcut to bl_info. Task:...
2019-11-03 Ryan InchCollection Manager: Fix exclusion toggle/isolation...
2019-11-03 Ryan InchCollection Manager: move location of remove op to far...
2019-11-03 Ryan InchCollection Manager: initial implementation of suggestio...
2019-10-22 Pablo VazquezMerge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
2019-10-22 Pablo VazquezAmaranth: Fix "Current Blend's Folder" button missing... blender-v2.81-release v2.81
2019-10-17 Ryan Inchcollection_manager: add to contrib. Task: T69577
2019-09-25 meta-androctoaddons contrib: close panels by default, fix tabs:...
2019-09-23 meta-androctoaddons contrib: change categories: T70017
2019-09-22 Spivak Vladimir... Addon: Atomic Blender - Cluster: Corrected register...
2019-09-21 meta-androctoobject_mesh_versions: fix missing tab category: T70017
2019-09-21 meta-androctoadd_mesh_clusters: fix reg load/reload
2019-09-20 Damien Picardsun_position: fix HDRI mirrorball with rotated env...
2019-09-20 Damien Picardsun_position: cleanup
2019-09-20 Damien Picardsun_position: add coordinate parser
2019-09-20 meta-androctosun position: update working version: T69936
2019-09-20 meta-androctomocap tools: Initial update 2.81 D5606 T69472
2019-09-19 meta-androctomesh_selectbuffer: fix category, panel and context...
2019-09-19 meta-androctoio_blend_utils: remove: unsupported T63750
2019-09-19 meta-androctospace_view3d_quickPrefs: remove: unsupported T63750
2019-09-16 meta-androctosun position: base update
2019-09-15 meta-androctoremove uv addons, unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctotext_editor_hastebin: update 2.8x
2019-09-15 meta-androctoui_splash_tips: remove: unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctosystem_project_folder update 2.8
2019-09-15 meta-androctoremove sequencer addons: unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctorender time: basic update 2.8x
2019-09-15 meta-androctorender_shots: remove?: unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctorender_notify: remove: unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctonode_presets: update 2.8x
2019-09-15 meta-androctolight_field_tools: remove: unsupported T63750
2019-09-15 meta-androctoautomat: base update cycles only
2019-09-15 meta-androctorender_cube_map: non working update
2019-09-15 meta-androctoobject_creaprim: update 2.8x needs attention
2019-09-15 meta-androctoobject_animrenderbake: update 2.8x