2013-12-12 Daniel Monteiro... Fix T37791: CMU changed its mocap lib website port
2013-12-08 Shane AmblerLayer Management: fix error disabling the addon due...
2013-11-27 Eugenio PignataroCode cleanup: changes in a poll.
2013-11-27 Eugenio PignataroFix: error message in None selected objects
2013-11-25 Sergey SharybinTweaks to previous commit
2013-11-25 Sergey SharybinClear executable flag from addon scripts
2013-11-25 Sergey SharybinMade Amaranth addon working if Cycles engine is disabled
2013-11-20 Brecht Van... Add .gitignore file.
2013-11-19 CoDEmanXFix for bl_info blender versions, many addons used...
2013-11-14 Brecht Van... Add .arcconfig for Phabricator Arcanist
2013-10-31 Campbell Bartonupdate for change in blender.
2013-10-29 Pablo VazquezAmaranth Addon 0.7.3
2013-10-27 Nathan VegdahlExperimental keymap: changed the create edge/face tool...
2013-10-24 Campbell Bartonuse list.sort(reverse=) arg.
2013-10-18 Pablo VazquezAmaranth Addon
2013-10-18 Pablo VazquezAmaranth Addon
2013-10-17 Pablo VazquezTwo new features from project pampa (caminandes):
2013-10-15 Oscurart Eugenio... Bug Fix in mix shapes tool.
2013-10-15 Alexander Nmod: ray depth = 6; mod: camera & lamp layer = 1. & 2.
2013-10-15 Alexander Nfix: missing alpha link at material node.
2013-10-14 Alexander Nadded a lamp above the table. added nodes for blender...
2013-10-13 Alexander Nfix: sometimes curve bevels weren't assigned when they...
2013-10-11 Dima GlibA number of small fixes/changes. Reintroduced cursor...
2013-10-10 Oscurart Eugenio... Allow overrides for linked objects! Thanks Campbell.
2013-09-29 Campbell Bartoncorrect wrong api use
2013-09-26 Paul MarshallRolled version number and update some meta information...
2013-09-26 Bastien MontagneFollowup to r4771, forgot to check in contrib addons...
2013-09-21 Pablo VazquezProductivity toolset addon that I've been working on...
2013-09-15 Gert De RoostEWOCtools update
2013-09-15 Gert De Roostadded KeepTrans to EWOCtools
2013-09-15 Gert De Roostadded DeCouple removed FilletPlus from EWOC
2013-09-14 Gert De RoostEWOCtools updates + code cleanup
2013-09-10 Campbell Bartonrename addon, no spaces please.
2013-09-10 Nathan VegdahlExperimental keymap, bunch of changes/additions:
2013-09-10 Gert De RoostEWOCprojects stuff
2013-09-07 Nathan VegdahlExperimental keymap: further tweaks to subdivision...
2013-09-05 Alexander Nfixed filepath handling for Linux
2013-09-04 Nathan VegdahlExperimental new keymap: subdivision surface level...
2013-09-03 Alexander Nfix: camera/view-port setup. in previous commit, it...
2013-09-03 Alexander Nfixed wrong image name for DEFAULT_LAMP_TEXTURE
2013-09-03 Campbell Bartonmake register and unregister functional
2013-09-03 Campbell Bartonremoving date from fbx version info, svn stores this...
2013-09-02 Oscurart Eugenio... BugFix: Bar
2013-09-02 Oscurart Eugenio... Add Progress Bar!
2013-09-01 Paul MarshallDisabled code that can cause "Shaft" to fail until...
2013-09-01 Alexander Nfixed my previous commit (removed shere_map_the_top...
2013-09-01 Alexander Nstarted to implement curve to mesh conversion + UVMap
2013-08-31 Alexander Nupdated version date to today
2013-08-31 Alexander Nadded "set_scene_to_metric" operator
2013-08-31 Alexander Nquiet some debug outputs
2013-08-31 Alexander Nfix some curve texture handling + modified some models...
2013-08-31 Scott WoodAdded cycles support for color blender
2013-08-30 Scott WoodUpdated bpy.ops.anim.change_frame.poll() to bpy.context...
2013-08-28 Alexander Nadded more texture handling and materials.
2013-08-28 Paul MarshallUpdated tracker URL.
2013-08-24 Alexander Nfix some bad object item naming
2013-08-23 Alexander Nadded texture material for cycles render engine
2013-08-23 Alexander Nprepared for texture handling.
2013-08-22 Oscurart Eugenio... Improve in Incremental FIle.
2013-08-22 Oscurart Eugenio... Bug Fix Incremental Scene Operator
2013-08-12 Alexander Nfix: position of round light
2013-08-08 Pablo VazquezSmall updates on pinkified theme for some object types...
2013-08-08 Oscurart Eugenio... Add "Move Mesh Cache modifiers to top".
2013-08-04 Michel Andersfixed 90 degree rotation of leaf uv-map and added leaf...
2013-08-04 Oscurart Eugenio... Improves for set folder path.
2013-08-03 Oscurart Eugenio... Add relative path folder option! + Code Cleanup.
2013-08-02 Oscurart Eugenio... Code Cleanup
2013-08-01 Oscurart Eugenio... Add Mesh Cache Tools
2013-07-26 Michel Anderspep8 compliance
2013-07-25 Michel Andersmade bl_info url point to correct wiki page
2013-07-24 Michel AndersInitial commit.
2013-07-21 Alexander Nadded a warning to the option panel, if an option is...
2013-07-18 Alexander Nbug tracker link updated
2013-07-18 Alexander Ninitial commit
2013-07-17 Pablo VazquezPinkified theme, update colors for cameras/empties...
2013-07-14 Oscurart Eugenio... Improves in overlap uvs: Add precision value
2013-06-27 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup
2013-06-25 Jason van GumsterMoving to trunk (Woohoo!)
2013-06-24 Jason van Gumster[Edit Linked Library] Removed no-longer-relevant comment
2013-06-24 Jason van Gumster[Edit Linked Library] Fixes based on code review from...
2013-06-24 Jason van Gumster[Edit Linked Library] Fix to re-enable support for...
2013-06-23 Nathan VegdahlFinally started working on the new keymap again.
2013-06-22 Bastien MontagneExport strip: fix stupid typo bug, breaking the end...
2013-06-19 Brendon Murphyfurther fix for bundled osl by meta-androcto
2013-06-19 Brendon Murphyupdate for missing nodes missing nodes (BsdfVelvet...
2013-06-18 Nathan VegdahlUpdated experimental keymap for changed operator names.
2013-06-13 Jonathan WilliamsonFix for broken hotkey
2013-06-12 Jason van GumsterReverting r4567
2013-06-11 Pablo VazquezEdit Linked Library Addon:
2013-06-07 Campbell Bartonadd default preset for font settings.
2013-06-03 Brendon Murphyquick fix for online matlib. bundled lib working again.
2013-06-02 Oscurart Eugenio... Improves in Render Layout
2013-05-26 Oscurart Eugenio... Code Cleanup
2013-05-21 Jerome Mahieux2.67 tests
2013-05-19 Kursad Karatasadded applying the lattice in lattice edit mode. Runnin...
2013-05-15 Kursad KaratasAdded applying the easy lattice modifier while in latti...
2013-05-12 Kursad KaratasWIP
2013-05-11 Kursad KaratasInitial version of EasyLattice. (adding missing commit...
2013-05-11 Kursad Karatas(no commit message)
2013-05-09 Daniel M. BassoReorganization; MakeHuman retargetter; Moved category...