2012-02-24 Brendon Murphyfix for bmesh remove doubles
2012-02-23 Campbell Bartoncorrect typo
2012-02-22 Paul MarshallUpdate that allows for a user to disable generation...
2012-02-22 Brendon Murphyadded broken warning to warn users.
2012-02-21 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2012-02-21 Brendon Murphynew theme Toxic by deviantvicki
2012-02-17 Brendon Murphyadding particle hair lab to contrib
2012-02-11 Campbell Bartonremove name from themes
2012-02-11 Brendon Murphylarge commit to themes. fixes to issues for release...
2012-02-10 Brendon Murphyfinal fixes.
2012-02-09 Yousef Harfoush-adds support to armatures (code by dalai)
2012-02-07 Oscurart Eugenio... (no commit message)
2012-02-06 Brendon Murphychanged object selected to 2 pixels not 3.
2012-02-05 Brendon Murphyadded pink theme by venomgfx
2012-02-04 Brendon Murphyrestoring to original version
2012-01-30 Randy BloseFixed few bugs, added GPL statement, updated parts...
2012-01-29 Paul MarshallUpdated documentation.
2012-01-27 Paul MarshallHave basic circular stringer working.
2012-01-27 Paul MarshallFixed circular tread face generation crashing Blender...
2012-01-27 Paul MarshallBegan implementing the treads of the circular staircase...
2012-01-25 Jerome Mahieux(no commit message)
2012-01-23 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2012-01-23 Scott Woodfixed grow animation not working with particle connect
2012-01-23 Campbell Bartoncorrect for re-arranged imports
2012-01-23 Campbell Bartonsorry for the thrashing, turns out this dir is not...
2012-01-23 Campbell Bartonmove 'bel' into modules/ dir.
2012-01-23 Jerome Mahieux. initial commit in addons of bel and io_directx_bel
2012-01-22 Brendon Murphyfixes for movie editor.
2012-01-19 Dima GlibFixed issues related to internal matrix representation.
2012-01-19 Scott Woodremoved Selection class which is no longer being used...
2012-01-18 Scott Woodfixed error when using automatic curve handle type...
2012-01-18 Campbell Bartonstrip trailing space
2012-01-18 Brendon Murphyupdates to softblend theme, getting closer to a final...
2012-01-17 Bart CrouchUpdated for change in api (new handle type: auto clamped)
2012-01-17 Scott WoodFixed brush trace error when setting handle type.
2012-01-16 Scott Woodremoved bpy.selection and replaced with new module...
2012-01-15 Oscurart Eugenio... (no commit message)
2012-01-15 Oscurart Eugenio... (no commit message)
2012-01-15 Brendon Murphyfixes for recent changes to the themes api
2012-01-14 Campbell Bartonremove api field, was never used
2012-01-14 Campbell Bartonupdate for changes in svn
2012-01-14 Brendon Murphyfixes for tooltip readability.
2012-01-13 Brendon Murphyupdates to themes, fixed <wcol_regular> <ThemeWidgetC...
2012-01-13 Brendon Murphyupdates for themes api changes, sorry for the white...
2012-01-12 Brendon Murphyadding interface theme presets
2012-01-12 Campbell Barton- interactive updates
2012-01-12 Campbell Bartonpep8 cleanup
2012-01-11 Brendon Murphyrenaming align tools to simple align
2012-01-11 Brendon Murphyfix for double click on metaball creation
2012-01-11 Brendon Murphymoving to contrib/py/scripts/addons/object_laplace_ligh...
2012-01-11 Brendon Murphyupdates to bl_info
2012-01-11 Campbell Bartonreplace use of bpy.ops.object.select_name()
2012-01-04 Campbell Bartontabs -> spaces
2012-01-04 Campbell Bartontabs to spaces
2012-01-01 Campbell Bartonname operator properties var name `props`
2012-01-01 Campbell Bartonpep8 edits
2011-12-27 Peter K.H.... vefm_259:superformula parameters adjusted to formulas...
2011-12-21 Dan Grauerchanged category to Import-Export
2011-12-21 Dan Grauerchanged category to export
2011-12-21 Dan Grauerreplaced tabs with spaces
2011-12-19 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2011-12-19 Brendon Murphyadding btrace by Liero & crazycourier to contrib/py...
2011-12-18 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-12-18 Peter K.H.... A sequence of two backup files GD_0.GD.bak and GD_0...
2011-12-17 Peter K.H.... reflecting new version, creation of a bak file GD_0...
2011-12-17 Peter K.H.... GD_0.GD will be renamed (if possible) to GD_0.GD.bak
2011-12-15 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2011-12-15 Brendon Murphymoving geodesic_domes from branches/geodesic_domes...
2011-12-01 Paul MarshallImplemented "housed_C_beam".
2011-12-01 Campbell Bartonmoving files only, will correct code next
2011-12-01 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-12-01 Alfonso de... Fixed identation error on line 41.
2011-12-01 Bart CrouchMoving from upload to contrib.
2011-11-30 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-30 Alfonso de... (no commit message)
2011-11-29 Campbell Bartonremove var which only stores the list size
2011-11-29 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-29 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-29 Campbell BartonSome smapp edits
2011-11-28 Dima Glibfix: now startup keymap registration works properly...
2011-11-28 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-28 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-27 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-27 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-26 Campbell Bartonpep8 edits
2011-11-24 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-23 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-23 Clemens BarthDear all.
2011-11-23 Clemens BarthSome code cosmetics (
2011-11-22 Clemens Barth- some minor changes
2011-11-22 Olaf ArnoldFirst test commit: just PEP8 edits, no functional changes.
2011-11-22 Clemens BarthChanges have been done according to this
2011-11-22 Campbell Bartonminor changes + remove unused imports.
2011-11-21 Clemens BarthAnd again: 3rd major change of the script!
2011-11-20 Clemens BarthOnly a few but important changes:
2011-11-20 Cole Ingrahamadded Campbell's background scene patch. streamlined...
2011-11-20 Paul MarshallBux fixes & continued setup for C-channel code.
2011-11-20 Clemens BarthDuring the last days I got quite crazy because of the...
2011-11-20 Clemens BarthI changed the handling of the data file. It must be...
2011-11-19 Campbell Bartonindentation edits