2019-06-12 meta-androctoadd_advanced_objects_menu: unsupported: removed from...
2019-06-12 meta-androctospace_view3d_test_scenes: initial commit: move from...
2019-06-12 meta-androctoobject_trilighting: initial commit: moved out of advanc...
2019-06-12 meta-androctospace_view3d_align_tools: minor updates
2019-06-10 meta-androctoanimation_add_corrective_shape_key: Update for 2.8...
2019-06-09 Spivak Vladimir... Add_Dimension: angle, small correction
2019-06-09 meta-androctorender_clay: remove from contrib: function is in render...
2019-06-08 meta-androctospace_view3d_stored_views: test file for single file...
2019-06-08 meta-androctospace_view3d_stored_views: initial working update 2.8
2019-06-06 meta-androctomesh tools: add cut faces to ui
2019-06-05 meta-androctomesh edit tools: remove from contrib T63750
2019-06-05 meta-androctoMesh Tools: Add files from mesh edit tools
2019-06-04 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) missing updates after `scene.update...
2019-06-02 meta-androctomesh_tools: add pkhg_faces
2019-06-02 meta-androctomesh_tools; add mesh_edges_length
2019-06-02 meta-androctospace_view3d_align_tools: move ui to Item tab
2019-06-02 meta-androctomesh_tools: add mesh_edges_floor_plan update to 2.8
2019-06-02 meta-androctomesh_edge_roundifier: update correct 279 version from...
2019-06-01 meta-androctomesh_tools: fix ui design
2019-06-01 meta-androctomesh_tools: fix selection modes
2019-05-31 NBurnxedit: code cleanup
2019-05-30 meta-androctomesh tools: fix multiple edit selection modes
2019-05-30 meta-androctomesh_tools: add edge tools, fix for roundify ui, ui...
2019-05-29 NBurnxedit: more fixes and updates for 2.80
2019-05-28 NBurnxedit: set meas fixes, update free rotate for 2.80
2019-05-25 Spivak Vladimir... Curve Tools 2: Update addon to Blender 2.80
2019-05-24 meta-androctouv_texture_atlas/bake to vcols: moved to contrib: updat...
2019-05-24 meta-androctouv_bake_texture_to_vcols: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctosequencer_kinoraw_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoobject_animrenderbake: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctolight_field_tools: moved to contrib; T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctospace_clip_editor_autotracker: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctorender_clay: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoobject_cloud_gen: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoobject_fracture_cell/crackit: moved to contrib: T63750...
2019-05-24 meta-androctomseh_extra_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctomaterials_utils: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_scene_vrml2: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_online_sketchfab: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_mesh_raw: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_scene_ms3d: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_import_scene_lwo: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_import_gimp_image_to_scene: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_sequencer_edl: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_convert_image_to_mesh_img: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_export_after_effects: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_export/import unreal_psk_psa: moved to contrib:...
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_scene_x: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_anim_c3d: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_scene_3ds: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoio_anim_acclaim: moved to contrin: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctodevelopment_edit_operator, moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctodevelopment_ui_classes: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctodevelopment_api_navigator: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctoanimation_add_corrective_shape_key: moved to contrib...
2019-05-24 meta-androctoanimation_animall: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctospace_view3d_display_tools: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctospace_view3d_stored_views: moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-24 meta-androctospace_view3d_brush_menus; moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-23 meta-androctoui_layer_manager moved to contrib: T63750
2019-05-22 CansecoGPCAmaranth add-on: update to the latest API changes
2019-05-22 Brecht Van... Add-ons: remove temporary disabling of use_global_undo
2019-05-22 Brecht Van... Cleanup: remove unused code
2019-05-21 NBurnmesh tools - replace special char with regular
2019-05-21 NBurnannotation property updates
2019-05-20 NBurnautomat/AdjOp - code cleanup
2019-05-20 NBurnquickPrefs - code cleanup
2019-05-20 NBurnEnhanced 3D Cursor: fix indents for git
2019-05-20 NBurnAPI update: percentage to factor
2019-05-17 Philipp OeserUpdate for Depsgraph API changes
2019-05-15 Brecht Van... Update for object add align property changes
2019-05-12 NBurnxedit: fix bmesh bug in set meas
2019-05-12 NBurnxedit: disabled some debugging code
2019-05-12 NBurnxedit: update set measure to 2.80, code cleanup
2019-05-02 NBurnxedit: more 2.80 updates + bug workaround
2019-04-28 meta-androctoAdd to to contrib: add advanced objects series: Needs...
2019-04-28 meta-androctoinitial commit Mesh Tools: Rebuild of mesh edit tools...
2019-04-24 Brecht Van... Fix errors after keyword argument changes
2019-04-22 meta-androctoRevert Remove: rBAC2b80d4ed8437 fix panel tab name...
2019-04-22 meta-androctoRemove: add_mesh_icicle/snowflake: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: space_view3d_panel_measure: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: space_view3d_game_props_visualiser: unsupported...
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: object_particle_hair_lab: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove outdated addons by Oscurart. unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoInitial update to 2.8: space_view3d_render_settings
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: space_view3d_cursor_control: Unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctospace_view3d_align_tools: initial update to 2.8
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: add_mesh_space_tree: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: space_view3d_manipulator_Menu: unsupported...
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove: space_view3d_toolshelf_menu: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove add_mesh_cluster: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 meta-androctoRemove add_mesh_castle: unsupported: T63750
2019-04-21 Spivak Vladimir... Update addon to Blender 2.8
2019-04-03 NBurnxedit: class name updates and some code cleanup
2019-03-29 NBurnxedit: more code updates for 2.80
2019-03-28 Clemens BarthMerging with ‘Atomic Blender PDB/XYZ’ importer. T62804
2019-03-28 NBurnxedit: partial code update for 2.80
2019-03-26 kostexrender_renderslot: classnames 2.80 compliance
2019-03-26 kostexobject_mesh_versions: classnames 2.80 compliance
2019-03-26 kostexmesh_selectbuffer: classnames 2.80 compliance