2017-04-07 meta-androctoinitial commit, advanced objects: T51110
2017-04-05 carlos padialcompilation including jumptocut, extra-actions, eco...
2017-04-05 carlos padialremoved old scripts
2017-04-02 meta-androctoremove magic uv, moved to release: T51064
2017-04-01 NuttiMagic UV: Update for 2.79 release
2017-04-01 meta-androctoremove nove to release: T51067
2017-04-01 meta-androctoremove mesh auto mirror. moved to release: T50941
2017-03-20 meta-androctoRenove btrace: committed to release: T50928
2017-03-20 meta-androctoRemove Display Tools, Committed: T32253
2017-03-19 meta-androctoRemove mesh edit tools, committed to release: T50680
2017-03-19 meta-androctoremove brush menus, committed to release
2017-03-19 meta-androctoUpdate sculpt brush menus: T42564
2017-03-19 meta-androctoinitial commit T50941
2017-03-17 meta-androctoremove Updated & committed T50943
2017-03-16 meta-androctoCurve Tools, Remove Add Curve Simple
2017-03-12 meta-androctomesh_extra_tools/ add wiki link: T50680
2017-03-09 lijenstinaMesh Edit Tools: Small Update
2017-03-07 lijenstinaDisplay Tools: Code update and clean up
2017-03-07 Julian EiselUpdate keymap preset for recent transform manipulator...
2017-03-04 NuttiMagic UV: Update to Version 4.2
2017-03-01 meta-androctoremove 1d scripts: T48619 agreed better dev externally
2017-02-27 lijenstinaPen Tool: Add Extrude to Cursor functionality
2017-02-26 meta-androctoBrush Tools: Initial Commit: T42564
2017-02-26 meta-androctoDisplay Tools: Initial commit: T32253
2017-02-26 meta-androctostored views: add missing rendered display type
2017-02-26 meta-androctoupdate mesh edit tools: T50680
2017-02-25 meta-androctoupdate toolshelf menu operators
2017-02-25 meta-androctoupdate dynamic toolshelf menus to current spacebar...
2017-02-21 Adam Dominecio_export_paper_model: update to github rev 6c28ce48b0
2017-02-21 meta-androctobtrace: remove outdated warning
2017-02-08 lijenstinaEdit Tools 2: Massive update - Initial stage
2017-01-24 Aaron Carlisleuse new manual url
2017-01-16 cwolf3d@yandex.ruAdd option to set dimension offset from measured object...
2017-01-16 lijenstinaContrib Themes: Remove deprecated tags
2017-01-15 dairin0dUpdated the bug report url
2017-01-08 lijenstinaFix first part of T50362: Needless global declarations
2017-01-04 lijenstinaFix T50363: classes list included Cacharanth_Pref
2017-01-04 Dalai FelintoPaste addon: bump version and remove unedded imports
2017-01-04 Dalai FelintoPaste addon: using hastebin instead of pasteall
2017-01-04 Dalai FelintoPaste addon: pasteall > hastebin
2017-01-04 Dalai FelintoPaste addon: fix warning
2016-12-17 meta-androctomesh extra tools: fix ui conflict with curve tools...
2016-11-28 Howard TrickeyFix T49583: Update pdf reader to handle PDF 1.5, which...
2016-11-26 lijenstinaDynamic Toolshelf Menu: Replace removed icons, cleanup
2016-11-25 dairin0dEnhanced 3D Cursor: Added some functionality from Chrom...
2016-11-22 Pablo VazquezAmaranth 1.0.3
2016-11-18 dairin0dEnhanced 3D Cursor: use polygons instead of tessfaces
2016-11-13 NuttiFixed bugs and added new feature.
2016-11-11 Dalai FelintoRender Cube Maps addon
2016-11-01 Bastien MontagneRemoving old unused addon.
2016-10-24 Eugenio PignataroBugFix paths
2016-10-21 Eugenio PignataroBugfix paths
2016-10-21 Eugenio PignataroBugFix slash for windows
2016-10-20 Eugenio Pignataronow support relative path
2016-10-03 Julian EiselFix a couple of warnings in experimental keymap
2016-09-29 AaronSubsurf --> Subdivision Surface
2016-09-16 meta-androctoupdate: CurveTools2: fix rewrite loft by batfinger...
2016-09-13 Sybren A. StüvelUpdated from upstream master
2016-09-07 lijenstinaFix T49185: Fix space_view3d_paint_bprojection to a...
2016-08-21 meta-androctoarrange on curve: clean up, fix unreg
2016-08-13 meta-androctosplash start up tips, move to System Category
2016-08-13 meta-androctotest scenes, change category
2016-08-08 GregAmaranth: Passthrough when double click not on node
2016-08-08 meta-androctomove modifier tools to release re: T49037
2016-08-07 lijenstinaFix printing to console, report bugs link
2016-08-07 meta-androctoinitial move oscurart tools to release. re: T48708
2016-08-07 lijenstinaUpdate Oscurart Tools
2016-08-07 lijenstinaUpdate Modifier Tools
2016-08-05 meta-androcto1d scripts, remove unused imports/operators
2016-08-05 meta-androctoclean up oscurart tools re: T48708
2016-08-04 meta-androctoremove materials convertor re: T48642
2016-08-03 meta-androctomove 3d view pie menus to release re: T48709
2016-08-03 meta-androctomove measurit to release. add temporary warning
2016-08-03 meta-androctomove archimesh to release re: T37230
2016-08-02 meta-androctoadd materials content/presets re: T48990
2016-07-31 zeffiiremove mesh tiny cad from contrib
2016-07-31 meta-androctomove to addons release. re...
2016-07-31 meta-androctomove mesh_carver to addons release. re: T48561
2016-07-30 meta-androctoupdate carver re: T48561 remove links, fix bl_info
2016-07-30 meta-androctoupdate booltools re: T48309 fixs & tab category preference
2016-07-29 zeffiiadd mode_set object/edit - without this it is broken
2016-07-29 zeffiiapproach pep8 compliance
2016-07-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8
2016-07-29 zeffiirestore ideasman changes and add my own
2016-07-29 meta-androctopie menu cleanup classes re: T48709
2016-07-28 zeffiifix typo in tooltip
2016-07-28 meta-androctoview 3d pie menus: fixes for T48709
2016-07-27 zeffiiadds images i hope
2016-07-27 zeffiiadress all ideasman issues
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: reference context directly
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonRemove incorrect 'icon_only' arg
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonSimplify windows check
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonRemove unused function
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCorrect update to inline script
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused imports
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused assignments
2016-07-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: import, dead code
2016-07-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: docstrings
2016-07-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: docstrings, property definitions