2015-05-02 Francesco SiddiRenamed readme from md to txt master
2015-04-09 Pablo VazquezFixes for style, just a bandaid until I get time to...
2015-02-24 Francesco SiddiRetarget auth scope
2015-02-24 Francesco SiddiSet status for BFCT profiles pending subscription
2015-01-23 Pablo VazquezLogo
2014-12-15 Pablo VazquezQuick fix to everlasting misalignment annoyance
2014-12-15 Pablo VazquezFix links, and upgrade BWA
2014-11-20 Niklas Ravnsborg... Setup Grunt to compile and autoprefix the SASS
2014-11-20 Niklas Ravnsborg... Removed and ignored blender-bfct/application/static...
2014-11-20 Niklas Ravnsborg... Moved blender-bfct/application/static/assets/sass/bfct...
2014-11-20 Niklas Ravnsborg... Converted LESS to SASS
2014-11-20 Niklas Ravnsborg... Added package.json
2014-11-18 Niklas Ravnsborg... Updated blender-bfct/application/static/assets_shared...
2014-11-18 Niklas Ravnsborg... Updated pip requirements.txt
2014-10-07 Francesco SiddiFix for automated mail URLs
2014-09-16 Pablo VazquezUpgrade to the latest assets_shared
2014-09-10 Francesco SiddiExtra check for admin on role reload
2014-09-10 Pablo Vazquezforgot images
2014-09-10 Pablo VazquezNew layout for logged in BFCTs
2014-09-10 Francesco SiddiRefactoring to handle not logged in users
2014-09-10 Francesco SiddiHomepage exposing latest application info
2014-09-10 Francesco SiddiManual update tool for bfct_trainer
2014-09-10 Francesco SiddiApplications: improved manager index
2014-07-31 Pablo VazquezUpdate Assets Shared
2014-07-28 Pablo VazquezReport errors on submitting application, update assets_...
2014-07-23 Francesco SiddiAttempt at streamlining login for reviewers
2014-07-21 Francesco SiddiGeneral tweaks to email notifications
2014-07-21 Francesco SiddiMoving page_title block in the right place
2014-07-18 Pablo Vazquez- Add titles to pages
2014-07-18 Francesco SiddiModel tweaks to allow entries deletion via admin
2014-07-18 Pablo VazquezTweak position of ckeditor
2014-07-18 Pablo VazquezUpdates for applications, style for comments, and detai...
2014-07-16 Francesco SiddiAdded commenting system
2014-07-16 Francesco SiddiEmail framework
2014-07-15 Francesco SiddiAdded CKEditor minimal input to application form
2014-07-15 Pablo VazquezI swear this is the last cosmetic change
2014-07-15 Pablo VazquezJust cosmetics :)
2014-07-15 Pablo VazquezForgot to invert the condition (was testing locally)
2014-07-15 Pablo VazquezEven more clear that we miss voting!
2014-07-15 Francesco SiddiTweak to sloppy loops
2014-07-15 Pablo VazquezBetter display which applications have been voted or not
2014-07-14 Francesco SiddiApplications backend tweaks
2014-07-14 Francesco SiddiLog-out redirect behaviour
2014-07-07 Francesco SiddiGeneral fixes
2014-06-24 Pablo VazquezTweaks for My Application page and forms
2014-06-24 Francesco SiddiAdded correct role for review application menu
2014-06-24 Pablo VazquezTweaks to form
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiRequired fields for application form
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiManager backend tweak
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiAttempt at fixing cross db FK issue
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiTweaks to submission form
2014-06-23 Pablo VazquezAdd applicant's email info
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiSmall content fixes
2014-06-23 Pablo VazquezTweaks and fixes for listing
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiNavigation tweaks
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiAdding more roles to management backend
2014-06-23 Francesco SiddiAdded missing public pages
2014-06-22 Pablo VazquezFix navbar z-index among other things
2014-06-22 Pablo VazquezWork on the BFCT form
2014-06-21 Pablo VazquezWIP forms, tweaks on 2nd level navbar, and labels on...
2014-06-21 Pablo VazquezSecond level navigation, update of shared assets, and...
2014-06-21 Pablo VazquezUse labels on review status listing instead
2014-06-21 Pablo VazquezUpdates on the listing and view template
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezMore work on the view application page
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezUpdate on buttons
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezUpdates for tables
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezUpdating assets_shared
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezStarting to style BFCT page and listing
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezUpdated submodule to latest revision
2014-06-20 Pablo VazquezFirst baby steps on layout.html
2014-06-20 Francesco SiddiFirst commit with submodule BWA
2014-06-19 Francesco SiddiAJAX loading for admin form
2014-06-19 Francesco SiddiSmall fix for model representation in admin
2014-06-18 Francesco SiddiAdded runserver.wsgi.example
2014-06-15 Francesco SiddiGeneral tweaks to model for applications
2014-06-14 Francesco SiddiBasic styling for login page
2014-06-13 Francesco SiddiInitial code commit
2014-06-13 Francesco SiddiUpdating
2014-06-12 Sergey SharybinInitial commit