2017-04-20 Sybren A. StüvelUpdated glibc version in
2017-04-20 Sybren A. StüvelAdded
2017-04-04 Sergey SharybinIncrease upload size
2017-04-04 Sergey SharybinCorrection for nightly builds of blender2.8
2017-04-04 Sergey SharybinTweak messages about Blender 2.8 builds and experimenta...
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinTweak download page again
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinTweak download page
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinUse more meaningful name for C++11 libs step
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinAdd C++11 libraries step for OSX
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinUpdate unpack script for 2.8 branch
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinCorrection to the previous commit
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinSome tweaks to support blender 2.8 slaves
2017-04-03 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Tabs to spaces
2016-12-01 Sergey SharybinSync changes with server
2016-07-15 Sergey SharybinAdd blender-dev-tools submodule
2016-06-08 Sergey SharybinMention Win10 for experimental builds
2016-06-08 Sergey SharybinTweak to experimental variation for MSVC 2015
2016-06-08 Sergey SharybinSynchronize changes with server
2015-07-20 Sergey SharybinTweaks to stop current build form
2015-06-27 Sergey SharybinFix template for the exact version of buildbot we're...
2015-06-20 Sergey SharybinSuccessful table cells should now be properly highlighted
2015-06-20 Sergey SharybinVariety of fixes all over the place
2015-06-14 Francesco SiddiInitial UI cleanup
2015-06-14 Francesco SiddiAdd download folder
2015-06-14 Sergey SharybinInitial commit of blenders buildbot configuration