2019-02-14 Sybren A. StüvelUpdated to use commands that actually... master
2018-10-26 Pablo VazquezFix twitter timeline update
2018-10-24 Francesco SiddiIntroducing IS_LIVE config option
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezLayout: Only load markdown if logged in
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezLayout: update version for main.css
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezUI Live: Styling
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezUI: scroll to hide navbar
2018-10-24 Francesco SiddiSync templates with
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezLive: enable chat
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezUpdate Blender Web Assets
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezRemove layout.html, it's a pug template now
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezGit: Ignore tutti
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezUI Panels: Update to 2018
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezJs: Timeline feed
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezCSS: Introducing config and style for panels
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezLayout: Class for body
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezGulp: Introducing Tutti collection of scripts
2018-10-22 Pablo VazquezGit: Ignore specific html templates built by Gulp
2018-10-22 Pablo VazquezUI: Convert Layout template from HTML to Pug
2018-10-22 Pablo VazquezUpgrade Blender Web Assets
2018-10-22 Pablo VazquezUpgrade Gulp and other NPM packages to this millennium.
2018-09-20 Francesco SiddiIntroducing support for different conference days
2018-09-05 Francesco SiddiRemove bugsnag update from deploy script
2018-09-05 Francesco SiddiStyle updates to keep aligned with
2018-09-05 Francesco SiddiAdd package-lock.json
2018-09-05 Francesco SiddiAdd gulp file
2018-07-05 Francesco SiddiFix for login issue
2018-01-24 Sybren A. StüvelAdded to easily recreate the virtualen...
2017-11-30 Francesco SiddiLayout fixes for new navigation system
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezUpdate to the latest assets_shared
2017-10-27 Francesco SiddiUpdate VIDEO_STREAMS defaults
2017-10-27 Francesco SiddiAdd PT Sans Narrow font
2017-10-27 Francesco SiddiCaching for twitter feed query
2017-10-27 Francesco SiddiSupport for readlink on macOS
2017-10-26 Pablo VazquezAdd Donate button to the header, like has
2017-10-26 Pablo VazquezMake /live stay good forever
2017-10-26 Pablo VazquezReplace hardcoded hashtag with one built from the curre...
2017-10-26 Pablo VazquezCSS: Split schedule and panel into its own files
2017-10-26 Sybren A. StüvelInclude talk duration in JSON
2017-08-09 Sybren A. StüvelFixed missing status choices in admin form of events.
2017-06-12 Pablo VazquezDisable scrollwheel on maps
2017-06-09 Francesco SiddiUpdate ticket store link
2017-06-09 Francesco SiddiLimit news items by date range
2017-06-09 Francesco SiddiTweaks to forms
2017-06-09 Francesco SiddiUse year of page
2017-06-09 Francesco SiddiFix for crash when role does not exist on login
2017-06-08 Francesco SiddiUse sponsors page for each year
2016-11-03 Francesco SiddiAdd form_excluded_columns for FestivalEntryView
2016-10-31 Francesco SiddiAdd links to schedule
2016-10-31 Francesco SiddiAdd links to schedule
2016-10-29 Francesco SiddiHiding the streams that don't work
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiMissing comma
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiNew video streams
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiIframe better text
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiFallback for broken stream iframe
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiNevermind
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiTry to make it safe
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiAdd container
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiInvalidate some CSS
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiUpdate embedded streams
2016-10-28 Francesco SiddiUpdate to bcon16 hashtag
2016-10-27 Pablo VazquezTweaks to emoji
2016-10-27 Pablo VazquezUpdate to BCON16!
2016-10-27 Pablo VazquezInclude replies to tweets
2016-10-27 Francesco SiddiSimplify JSON structure
2016-10-27 Francesco SiddiJSON output for presentations
2016-10-26 Francesco SiddiSupport for VFX nominations
2016-10-22 Francesco SiddiAdd location to presentations list for admin
2016-10-22 Francesco SiddiDisplay cursor as pointer on comment title
2016-10-22 Francesco SiddiTweak to comment sorting for talk edit
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezAlign stars
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezStars are gold!
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezMake winners movie title a link
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezMake entries list height 600px and scrollable
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezFix alignment
2016-10-18 Pablo VazquezStyling of admin festival listing and spaces to tabs :)
2016-10-18 Francesco SiddiMake title clickable instead of full row
2016-10-18 Francesco SiddiCleanup of festival admin
2016-09-24 Francesco SiddiTweaks to homepage template
2016-09-23 Francesco SiddiDeploy script
2016-09-23 Francesco SiddiConvert event description to markdown on the fly in...
2016-09-20 Francesco SiddiTweaks to My Submissions, for festival
2016-09-20 Francesco SiddiIntroducing IS_FESTIVAL_VOTING_OPEN
2016-09-20 Francesco SiddiSimplify festival template
2016-09-20 Francesco SiddiCustom festival pages template
2016-09-19 Francesco SiddiUpdate festival front page
2016-09-19 Francesco SiddiRemove double space
2016-09-19 Francesco SiddiRename TextField to StringField
2016-09-16 Francesco SiddiTweaks to festival
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezFix date on news list and tweaks to homepage
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezMake boxes in homepage aligned
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezUse css cache
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezTweaks to homepage
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezTweaks to homepage and added Tickets to nav
2016-09-16 Francesco SiddiAdd IS_TICKETS_SALE_OPEN
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezFixes for navbars and headers
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezBigger textareas in admin
2016-09-16 Francesco SiddiCode of conduct in the homepage template
2016-09-16 Francesco SiddiImpressions box for homepage
2016-09-16 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Good looking homepage