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last changeMon, 11 Feb 2019 15:52:07 +0000 (16:52 +0100)
4 days ago Brecht Van... Move Cycles synchronization point, capitalize subjects. master
2019-01-28 Campbell Bartonc_sort_blocks: Also sort 'typedef struct ... ...;'
2019-01-28 Campbell Bartonc_sort_blocks: Sort enums
2019-01-26 Campbell Bartoncheck_unused_define: new utility
2019-01-26 Campbell Bartonbatch_edit_text: option not to run w/o multi-process
2019-01-25 Campbell BartonUtility to sort C file struct & extern blocks
2019-01-24 Campbell BartonMove utilities into utils_maintenance
2019-01-24 Campbell BartonUtility to sort cmake file lists
2019-01-24 Campbell BartonUtility module to batch edit text
2019-01-24 Campbell Bartontrailing_space_clean: update config
2019-01-05 Campbell Bartonblender_update_themes: update for 2.8
2019-01-04 Julian EiselUpdate manual script after Preferences RNA changes
2018-12-13 Campbell Bartoncheck_style_c: fix error updating function args
2018-12-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: docs -> doc (match blender toplevel ./doc...
2018-12-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: move reference manual updater to doc utils
2018-12-11 Campbell Bartondoxygen_single_file: utility to build doxygen for one...
10 months ago v2.79b Tagging blender release 2.79b
11 months ago v2.79a Tagging blender release 2.79a
17 months ago v2.79 Tagging blender release 2.79
18 months ago v2.79-rc1 Tagging blender 2.79 release candid...
2 years ago v2.78 Tagging blender release 2.78
2 years ago v2.78-rc1 tagging blender 2.78 release candid...
4 days ago master
18 months ago blender-v2.79-release
22 months ago temp-header-clean
2 years ago blender-v2.78-release
4 years ago temp-check_source_test