2017-03-06 Dalai FelintoInclude query to get current/start/end frames into... master
2016-12-05 Dalai FelintoTests: use a common function for iterators
2016-12-02 Dalai FelintoFrom review (by Sybren Stüvel): use tox for py2/py3...
2016-12-02 Dalai FelintoRemove extense line-coverage report, we re-add later...
2016-12-02 Dalai FelintoFrom review (by Sybren Stüvel): pytest-cov
2016-12-02 Dalai FelintoComments: some minor clarifications
2016-12-02 Dalai Felinto.arcconfig
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoFix v1.0
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoModule renaming
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoLeave version as 1.0, to push to pypi
2016-12-01 Dalai Felinto.gitignore update
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoTest suit
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoBinary: simple test file
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoBasic readme
2016-12-01 Dalai FelintoUsing the new official repository
2016-12-01 Dalai Felintolatest changes from bastien
2016-11-30 Dalai Felintobump version after fixup
2016-11-30 Dalai FelintoHost the package temporarily on github
2016-11-30 Dalai FelintoInitial attempt of creating a package
2016-11-30 Dalai FelintoUntested Python 3 to Python 2 and 3 conversion
2016-11-30 Dalai from
2016-11-30 Dalai FelintoInitial commit