2021-07-31 Francesco SiddiFix outdated links to snapshots master
2021-03-11 Francesco SiddiFix T83002: Add support for Blender 2.91
2020-10-02 Mike NewbonRevert to correct formatting for form mobile-table-data production
2020-09-29 Mike NewbonShow all columns on mobile view, add horiz scroll
2020-09-04 Mike NewbonFix data search input overflow bug search-input-overflow
2020-02-28 Sem MulderUpdate go.mod launcher/2.0.5
2020-02-28 Sem MulderAdd .tar.xz support
2020-02-28 Sem MulderStip sub version of Blender version
2020-02-28 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/improve_top_50'
2020-02-28 Sem MulderImprove top devices chart by minimizing over configurations feature/improve_top_50
2020-02-27 Sem MulderUse poetry 1.0.3
2020-02-27 Sem MulderSwitch deprecated Poetry flag `allows-prereleases`...
2020-02-20 Francesco SiddiReplace … with ...
2020-02-20 Francesco SiddiConform shebang to the other scripts
2020-02-20 Francesco SiddiAdd information on how to run benchmark offline
2020-02-20 Francesco SiddiImport settings_common in
2020-02-19 Sem MulderMake OpenGraph image URL absolute
2020-02-18 Sem MulderSort the Blender versions alphabetically
2020-02-18 Sem MulderSort launchers by label
2020-01-29 Sem MulderUse `Number of Benchmarks` instead of `Samples`
2020-01-29 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/device_name_blacklist'
2020-01-29 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/require_a_minimum_amount_of_samples'
2020-01-29 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/rearrange_homepage'
2020-01-29 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/include_sample_count_in_top_50'
2020-01-29 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/hide_barbershop'
2020-01-29 Sem MulderAdd a device_name blacklist
2020-01-29 Sem MulderRequire at least five samples per scene for a device...
2020-01-29 Sem MulderRearrange homepage to expose Top devices better
2020-01-29 Sem MulderShow number of samples in Top 50 table
2020-01-29 Sem MulderHide the barbershop_interior scene from the homepage
2020-01-27 Sem MulderReplace memory per scene chart with benchmarks over...
2020-01-27 Sem MulderFix created_at when importing a snapshot
2020-01-27 Sem MulderRemove stale TODO
2020-01-27 Sem MulderTake OptiX into account when calculating the fastest...
2020-01-27 Sem MulderSwitch deploy branch back to master
2020-01-27 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/pills'
2020-01-27 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/cdn'
2020-01-20 Mike Newbonfixed auto-filling with empty fields
2020-01-20 Mike NewbonImproved tabbing/focus out behaviour on inputs
2020-01-20 Francesco SiddiRename cdn url to /cdn
2020-01-20 Mike NewbonImproved dropdown position on pill deletion
2020-01-20 Mike NewbonFixed positioning over two lines
2020-01-18 Sem MulderWIP
2020-01-17 Mike NewbonImproved sizing, positioning, tabbing, bugs
2020-01-17 Francesco SiddiDesign: Align left all text in the about page
2020-01-17 Francesco SiddiUse hyphens in urls instead of underscores
2020-01-17 Sem MulderFix input resize
2020-01-17 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/pills'
2020-01-17 Sem MulderFormatting
2020-01-17 Mike NewbonSem - fixed query
2020-01-17 Sem MulderStyle fixes
2020-01-17 Mike NewbonPills and grouping
2020-01-17 Sem MulderFix launcher authentication token verification timeout
2020-01-15 Sem MulderAdd README.txt for CLI
2020-01-15 Sem MulderEnsure we have the right permissions on /var/www/launch...
2020-01-15 Sem MulderLimit the checksum part of the path to Blender launcher/2.0.4
2020-01-14 Sem MulderMerge branch 'fix/more_than_one_non_latest_supported_la...
2020-01-14 Sem MulderFix an issue with a constraint where we could not have...
2020-01-14 Sem MulderMerge branch 'fix/render_time_no_sync_regex'
2020-01-14 Sem MulderMerge branch 'fix/blender_working_directory'
2020-01-14 Sem MulderSet the working directory of the Blender executable...
2020-01-14 Sem MulderAdd negative number support when parsing `render_time_n...
2020-01-14 Sem MulderMerge branch 'feature/launcher_logs_upload'
2020-01-14 Sem MulderAdd log submission
2020-01-14 Sem MulderAdd an endpoint for uploading of launcher logs
2020-01-10 Mike NewbonImrpoved wording on benchmark
2020-01-10 Mike NewbonFixed edge labels, filter by bug, wording
2020-01-10 Sem MulderKill subprocesses when GLFW tells us to close the window launcher/2.0.3
2020-01-10 Sem MulderRun executables in the main thread to prevent leaking... launcher/2.0.2
2020-01-10 Sem MulderFix lint issues launcher/2.0.1
2020-01-10 Sem MulderFix option selection in CLI interactive mode
2020-01-10 Sem MulderAdjust Info.plist
2020-01-10 Sem MulderAlways send all log output to a file
2020-01-09 Sem MulderExpose the website to the public
2020-01-09 Sem MulderAdd Raw Data page
2020-01-09 Sem MulderMove development to master
2020-01-09 Sem MulderExpose snapshots to the public
2020-01-09 Sem MulderAdd a trailing comma
2020-01-09 Sem MulderMerge branch 'features/cli_download_options' into featu...
2020-01-09 Mike NewbonFixed download dropdown to include CLI's
2020-01-08 Sem MulderAdd Content-Type text/html
2020-01-08 Sem MulderBogus change
2020-01-08 Sem MulderExpose the website at
2020-01-08 Sem MulderUse my own Docker Hub for now
2020-01-08 Sem MulderServe /static and /media
2020-01-08 Sem MulderShow the website at /hidden/
2020-01-08 Sem MulderFix LAYOUT.txt
2020-01-08 Sem MulderTransform Unix to Windows path for resource object... launcher/2.0.0
2020-01-08 Sem MulderExplicitly link the Windows resources object file
2020-01-08 Sem MulderFix linker flags
2020-01-08 Sem MulderChange into source directory before building to make...
2020-01-08 Sem MulderAdd icons for macOS and Windows
2020-01-08 Sem MulderChange status code for /token/generate
2020-01-08 Sem MulderRedirect to the blog post
2020-01-08 Sem MulderFilter out empty group_by parameters
2020-01-08 Sem MulderAdd read-only mode
2020-01-08 Sem MulderFix Dockerfile due to downstream change
2020-01-08 Sem MulderRedirect users of the old launcher to the new launcher
2020-01-08 Sem MulderChange button text from "Correct" to "Continue"
2020-01-08 Sem MulderWait for subprocesses to finish before exiting