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10 days ago Pablo Vazquezb.org: Ignore compiled global navbar template
2021-11-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: [Cleanup] Remove old homepage code
2021-06-30 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Stop ignoring themes from 11 years ago
2020-06-22 Pablo Vazquezc.b.org: Style editor
2020-05-13 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Custom styling for Wordpress editor
2019-07-24 Pablo Vazquezb.org: .gitignore include folder for codeblog shortcode...
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezUse footer from Blender Web Assets
2017-06-28 Pablo VazquezIntroducing tutti.min.js
2017-05-31 Pablo VazquezIgnore compiled .css from repository
2016-08-25 Pablo VazquezWork in progress for the frontpage
2016-07-05 Pablo VazquezIntroducing Jade templates
2015-03-17 Pablo VazquezCSS: Convert Less to Sass, and update bootstrap/fontawesome
2013-11-01 fsiddiNew footer links
2013-06-08 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-06-08 fsiddiWe go with only one sidebar for banners
2013-05-20 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-05-16 fsiddiUpdated .gitignore to completely ignore the plugins...
2013-05-06 fsiddiTrying to catch up with the crap
2013-04-27 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-04-27 fsiddiAdded 3 level navigation system
2013-04-27 fsiddiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-04-27 fsiddiUpdate to .gitignore file:
2013-04-24 venomgfxUpdating gitignore with .projects
2012-12-19 fsiddiMassive push while waiting for Pablo
2012-11-26 fsiddiIgnoring more default plugins
2012-11-26 fsiddiTheme updates
2012-11-26 fsiddiBasic frameworks for templating
2012-11-26 fsiddiTweaks to gitignore
2012-11-26 fsiddiGitignoring existing files