b.org: Implement rich results for blog posts
[blender-org.git] / themes / bthree / functions.php
2021-12-21 Francesco SiddiMirrors: Pick random mirror as fallback
2021-12-21 Francesco SiddiImprove readability of get_mirror function
2021-12-06 Francesco SiddiAdd missing quotes in key lookups
2021-12-03 Francesco SiddiUpdate download redirect url for bundles
2021-11-24 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Fix access to demo-files page
2021-11-24 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Fix path on download
2021-11-24 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Use mirrors from the site-wide settings page
2021-11-17 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Move mediaThumbnail to functions.php
2021-11-12 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Rename Stats Bars block and add chart notes
2021-11-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Stats Bars block
2021-10-08 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Fix secondary nav on code blog
2021-10-06 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Use icons from Fontutti
2021-10-01 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Refactor secondary nav parent item logic
2021-09-17 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Cleanup: Remove custom editor content
2021-09-16 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Improve available mirrors list
2021-09-15 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Fix download mirror picking and display more...
2021-09-10 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Add class when page has a custom header
2021-09-10 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Cleanup secondary navbar
2021-09-10 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Cleanup
2021-08-17 Pablo Vazquezb.org: cleanup: use nav_tree() for menu
2021-08-17 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Allow .blend extension file uploads
2021-08-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Remove "Website" field from comments form
2021-06-29 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Introducing Accordion Block
2021-06-04 Pablo Vazquezb.org: More robust check for Code Blog
2021-04-16 Pablo Vazquezb.org: use new image for social media fallback
2021-03-29 Francesco SiddiCleanup: tabs to spaces
2021-03-29 Francesco SiddiUser $wpdb->prepare for all queries
2021-03-18 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Remove custom avatars
2020-10-01 Pablo Vazquezb.org: white-space cleanup and comments
2020-10-01 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Disable XML-RPC
2020-09-10 Francesco SiddiMove updateDownloadCount to functions.php
2020-07-21 Pablo Vazquezb.org: New block Pages List as Cards
2020-06-12 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Introducing shortcode for current Blender version
2020-06-02 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Support for video media in compare widget
2020-06-02 Pablo Vazquezb.org: New block Paragraph+
2020-05-13 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Custom styling for Wordpress editor
2020-05-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Convert ACF to WP Blocks
2020-05-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Custom style for cover blocks background.
2019-08-16 Pablo Vazquezb.org: fix hide_from_navigation sometimes not working.
2019-07-30 Pablo Vazquezb.org: use new image for social media
2019-07-17 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Skip double dashes on slugify function.
2019-07-10 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Fix slugify.
2019-07-05 Francesco SiddiFix: Swap region and country code
2019-07-05 Francesco SiddiLook for different geolocation env vars
2019-06-25 Pablo Vazquezb.org: don't force navbar color on template level.
2019-06-18 Pablo Vazquezb.org: allow custom image for social media.
2019-06-18 Pablo Vazquezb.org: make card thumbnail 16 by 9.
2019-06-18 Pablo Vazquezb.org: Frontpage - Use generic cards style in News...
2019-06-13 Pablo Vazquezb.org: tweaks and fixes to training templates.
2019-06-12 Pablo Vazquezb.org: add parent page to secondary navigation bar.
2019-06-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: check for post before getting id.
2019-06-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: New templates: Training
2019-06-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: New header navigation style.
2019-06-11 Pablo Vazquezb.org: minor style and layout tweaks.
2019-06-05 Pablo Vazquezborg: Update header and navbars to Bootstrap 4.
2019-05-23 Pablo Vazquezbthree: refactor exclusion from menu.
2019-05-23 Pablo Vazquezbthree: add option to exclude items from navigation...
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Only register sidebars needed.
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Register secondary menu
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezBthree: different check for is_code_blog
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Introducing special card widget and video...
2018-03-27 Pablo VazquezQuest: We no longer need the javascript file
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Set rockets sold number to .js-rockets...
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Rocket incoming!
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload Page: Check if mirror is active
2018-02-12 Pablo VazquezQuest page styling and scripts
2017-08-31 Pablo VazquezOpenGraph/Twitter: Use new image
2017-08-25 Pablo VazquezGet class body into its own function
2017-08-18 Pablo Vazquezslugify() function, to make slugs out of strings
2017-07-21 Francesco SiddiSupport for mirror country selection
2017-07-21 Francesco SiddiMirror detection based on geolocation
2017-07-03 Pablo VazquezSitewide options
2017-07-01 Pablo VazquezOpenGraph: take featured image/description even if...
2017-06-30 Pablo VazquezIntroducing Community page
2017-06-28 Pablo VazquezNavigation: navbar-secondlevel -> navbar-secondary
2017-06-28 Pablo VazquezCleanup of functions
2017-06-27 Pablo VazquezMerge branch 'features'
2017-06-21 Pablo VazquezReplace second_level_nav, third_level_nav, and page_anc...
2017-06-20 Pablo VazquezFix for page_ancestry
2017-06-20 Pablo VazquezEnable excerpts for pages
2017-06-02 Pablo VazquezLimit automatic excerpt to 20 words
2017-06-01 Pablo VazquezFix opengraph
2017-06-01 Pablo VazquezFix twitter cards
2017-05-31 Pablo VazquezClear navigation and use functions.php from bthree
2017-05-31 Pablo VazquezTweaks to blender.org blog and header
2017-05-25 Pablo VazquezSidebar: Provide ID in case sidebar doesn't exist
2015-04-25 Pablo VazquezCleanup
2015-03-27 Pablo VazquezNew template for tutorials page, using Advanced Custom...
2014-12-16 Francesco SiddiTinyMCE allowing all html tags
2014-07-10 Pablo VazquezTemporal branch for the bthree upgrade project
2013-11-03 fsiddiAdded small jQuery hack
2013-06-08 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-06-08 fsiddiFix to sidebar syntax
2013-06-08 fsiddiWe go with only one sidebar for banners
2013-06-08 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-06-08 fsiddiSmarter sidebar and footer panels
2013-05-24 venomgfxMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-05-24 fsiddiTinyMCE styling for multicolumn content
2013-05-06 fsiddiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fsiddi...
2013-05-06 fsiddiSyncing up with current changes