7 days ago Pablo Update BWA master
7 days ago Pablo Adjust style on homepage items
13 days ago Pablo Cleanup: Remove custom Frontpage template
13 days ago Pablo Minor style tweaks to homepage
13 days ago Pablo Fix alignment in Communities page
13 days ago Pablo Support custom width per card
13 days ago Pablo Support different aspect ratios in the same...
13 days ago Pablo Introducing headline for cards
2021-10-12 Pablo Style fixes to accordion block
2021-10-08 Pablo Tweaks to download menu list highlight
2021-10-08 Pablo Cleanup footer
2021-10-08 Pablo Only show title if defined in settings
2021-10-08 Pablo Fix secondary nav on code blog
2021-10-08 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-08 Pablo update BWA
2021-10-08 Pablo Style and layout improvements to download page
2021-10-07 Pablo Use flat color for header overlays
2021-10-07 Pablo Fix icons to download page
2021-10-06 Pablo Use icons from Fontutti
2021-10-06 Pablo Farewell FontAwesome
2021-10-06 Pablo Update BWA
2021-10-06 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-06 Pablo Update ACF export json
2021-10-01 Pablo Support new layouts and aspect ratios in list...
2021-10-01 Pablo update BWA
2021-10-01 Pablo Refactor header size setting
2021-10-01 Pablo Refactor secondary nav parent item logic
2021-10-01 Pablo Introducing new aspect ratios for cards
2021-10-01 Pablo Fix page content displayed under header
2021-10-01 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-01 Pablo Add rounded style to cover block
2021-09-21 Pablo Cleanup tabs block
2021-09-21 Pablo Cards block layout fix
2021-09-21 Pablo Load the dark config for the Code Blog editor
2021-09-21 Pablo Style tweak to blog headings
2021-09-21 Pablo Style tweak to blockquote
2021-09-20 Pablo tweak header gradient
2021-09-17 Pablo Show Code blog columns only on homepage
2021-09-17 Pablo Cleanup: Remove custom editor content
2021-09-17 Pablo fix navigation
2021-09-17 Pablo Use regular header for code blog
2021-09-17 Pablo Code blog config cleanup
2021-09-16 Pablo Fix credits not showing up on header static
2021-09-16 Pablo Fallback image for featured headers
2021-09-16 Pablo Cleanup thanks page
2021-09-16 Pablo Improve available mirrors list
2021-09-15 Pablo Style alternative mirrors block
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix alternative mirror URLs
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix container overflow
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix download mirror picking and display more...
2021-09-15 Pablo Add GeoIP2 PHP API package
2021-09-14 Pablo Update BWA
2021-09-14 Pablo Show secondary nav on 2.8 release notes
2021-09-10 Pablo Add class when page has a custom header
2021-09-10 Pablo Header style tweaks
2021-09-10 Pablo Fix wrong placement for separator
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup secondary navbar
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup Sass variables
2021-09-10 Pablo Add icon to download button
2021-09-10 Pablo Remove icon and version from download button...
2021-09-02 Pablo Cleanup
2021-09-01 Pablo Fix missing comments count when listing posts
2021-09-01 Pablo Link to devtalk on posts with closed comments
2021-09-01 Pablo Fix credits style in media overlay
2021-08-19 Pablo Get highest res image on click
2021-08-18 Pablo style tweak to separator
2021-08-18 Pablo Add setting to expand images
2021-08-18 Pablo Remove 'rounded' style from image blocks
2021-08-18 Pablo Redirect attachment pages to their post
2021-08-18 Pablo Update BWA
2021-08-18 Pablo note about featured image on posts
2021-08-18 Pablo Add Comments pending button and indicator
2021-08-17 Pablo Hide Edit button outside posts/pages
2021-08-17 Pablo cleanup: use nav_tree() for menu
2021-08-17 Pablo Style file attachment WordPress block
2021-08-17 Pablo Allow .blend extension file uploads
2021-08-11 Pablo Add a note about why comments are closed
2021-08-11 Pablo Remove "Website" field from comments form
2021-06-30 Pablo Update BWA
2021-06-30 Pablo tweak padding on accordion
2021-06-30 Pablo Style tweaks to tables and cards
2021-06-30 Pablo Stop ignoring themes from 11 years ago
2021-06-29 Pablo Update BWA
2021-06-29 Pablo style card background in dark mode
2021-06-29 Pablo Remove margin from accordion
2021-06-29 Pablo update BWA
2021-06-29 Pablo Cleanup
2021-06-29 Pablo Introducing Accordion Block
2021-06-23 Pablo Update ACF config with new Card Layout setting
2021-06-23 Pablo New card layout type for template: Listing Cards
2021-06-23 Pablo New card layout type for block: List of Pages
2021-06-23 Pablo Update BWA
2021-06-10 Pablo Fix anchor links to section in cards template
2021-06-04 Pablo style fix for tweet embeds
2021-06-04 Pablo Show post views when there are actually views
2021-06-04 Pablo More robust check for Code Blog
2021-06-04 Pablo Use custom widget for homepage video
2021-06-04 Pablo style tweak to widgets