2020-06-25 Pablo Download page use bytes instead of megabytes. master
2020-06-25 Pablo refactor download page
2020-06-22 Pablo Style code component
2020-06-22 Pablo Style editor
2020-06-12 Pablo Introducing shortcode for current Blender version
2020-06-08 Pablo Fix md5 and support sha256 in download page
2020-06-08 Pablo fix block cover background
2020-06-02 Pablo padding in emphasis elements in paragraph+ block
2020-06-02 Pablo Support for video media in compare widget
2020-06-02 Pablo Style tweak in compare images widget
2020-06-02 Pablo upgrade BWA
2020-06-02 Pablo New style Massive Title for release logs.
2020-06-02 Pablo New block Paragraph+
2020-05-26 Pablo Update BWA
2020-05-25 Pablo Fix poster on videos in tabs block
2020-05-25 Pablo Cleanup
2020-05-25 Pablo Update BWA
2020-05-25 Pablo ACF JSON export
2020-05-13 Pablo Box styling for WP blocks.
2020-05-13 Pablo Custom styling for Wordpress editor
2020-05-13 Pablo Support custom width page in Release Logs
2020-05-13 Pablo Support custom width for generic pages.
2020-05-11 Pablo Convert ACF to WP Blocks
2020-05-11 Pablo Custom style for cover blocks background.
2020-05-10 Pablo VazquezCleanup: Use auto margin instead of offset.
2020-03-30 Pablo Frontpage: Check for title.
2020-03-13 Pablo Fix background color on frontpage title.
2020-03-13 Pablo various style fixes.
2020-03-13 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Fix layout issues.
2020-03-13 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Update style.
2020-03-13 Pablo Larger headings for h2 and h3
2020-03-12 Pablo support for region-specific slates in thank...
2020-03-12 Pablo VazquezUpdate blender-web-assets
2020-02-20 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Fix text color in cards.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Support custom colors per card
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezUpdate BWA
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload: minor style tweaks
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload: Wording on experimental section.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezCleanup unused class
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Match border radius with boxes and cards
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload: Move navigation to the top.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Color tabs text with section text color.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: underline all links in description.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: padding on compatibility section.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Support for custom video attributes
2019-11-26 Pablo VazquezRelese Logs: color links in cards.
2019-11-21 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Loop videos in tabs.
2019-11-21 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: color "read more" link.
2019-11-21 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Support for custom background and text...
2019-11-21 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Support backgrounds half-card sized.
2019-11-20 Pablo VazquezRelease logs: Support video embed on tabs widget.
2019-11-20 Pablo VazquezUpdate BWA
2019-11-12 Pablo VazquezUpdate Blender Web Assets submodule
2019-11-12 Pablo VazquezBlog: Cleanup
2019-11-12 Pablo VazquezBlog: Fix line overlapping blog post meta
2019-11-12 Pablo VazquezBlog: Fix bullets at the end of list items.
2019-09-10 Pablo remove bullets from list in release logs
2019-09-10 Pablo some cards image missing
2019-09-10 Pablo update BWA
2019-09-10 Pablo check for array in listing cards template
2019-09-10 Pablo cleanup blog
2019-09-10 Pablo put platform name and bitness together in downlo...
2019-09-10 Pablo remove big title from download page
2019-09-10 Pablo download page style tweaks
2019-09-03 Pablo Support custom image size for cards listing.
2019-08-30 Pablo move links inside heading in download page.
2019-08-30 Pablo frontpage devfund text dark.
2019-08-30 Pablo color tweaks to text in download page.
2019-08-30 Pablo update BWA
2019-08-30 Pablo New shortcode for RSS listing.
2019-08-30 Pablo bring theme back to light!
2019-08-23 Pablo frontpage: use the new posts shortcode
2019-08-23 Pablo make posts shortcode support arguments
2019-08-23 Pablo posts shortcode: check if post has featuredmedia
2019-08-22 Pablo Vazquezborg: expose post views
2019-08-22 Pablo Google+ is not a thing anymore.
2019-08-22 Pablo simplify default page template
2019-08-20 Pablo stay up-to-date section on release logs.
2019-08-20 Pablo stay up-to-date section on release logs.
2019-08-20 Pablo fix frontpage dev fund text too bright
2019-08-20 Pablo fix missing check in listing cards template.
2019-08-19 Pablo update contact info on community page
2019-08-16 Pablo fix hide_from_navigation sometimes not working.
2019-08-16 Pablo blog: fix prev/next button with long titles
2019-08-16 Pablo simplify labels for new/upcoming/deprecated...
2019-08-16 Pablo add more social links to 404 page
2019-08-15 Pablo update bwa
2019-08-15 Pablo fix links color too dark in Thanks page.
2019-07-30 Pablo homepage title left aligned
2019-07-30 Pablo Introducing dark mode
2019-07-30 Pablo change message in download page.
2019-07-30 Pablo use new image for social media
2019-07-30 Pablo update BWA
2019-07-25 Pablo download: separator between platforms in menu.
2019-07-25 Pablo download page: fallback to showing windows
2019-07-25 Pablo fixes to download page.
2019-07-25 Pablo fix wrong platform on main rc download
2019-07-25 Pablo fix wrong platform on main rc download
2019-07-25 Pablo refactor download page links.
2019-07-24 Pablo codeblog shortcode: add referrer to link