9 days ago Pablo generic template: Remove custom sidebar. master
9 days ago Pablo VazquezCleanup: Syntax
2018-12-06 Pablo Vazquezbthree: silence some w3 warnings
2018-12-06 Pablo Vazquezbthree: remove duplicate menu button
2018-12-06 Pablo Vazquezbthree: tweaks to layout and style of page navigation
2018-12-06 Pablo Vazquezbthree: title for blog entries
2018-12-06 Pablo Vazquezbthree: hide category from listing
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Only register sidebars needed.
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Register secondary menu
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Center title
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezBthree: Update BWA
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezBthree: different check for is_code_blog
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezBthree: Check if get_field exists
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezBthree: Cleanup.
2018-12-05 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: Introducing special card widget and video...
2018-12-03 Pablo VazquezFix gradient overlay preventing clicking on buttons.
2018-11-29 Pablo VazquezUI: Use System Fonts
2018-11-29 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Download Announcements
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Background video support.
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezUpdate Assets Shared
2018-11-23 Pablo VazquezUpdate Blender Web Assets
2018-11-23 Pablo VazquezFeatures: Add dev status label for main categories.
2018-11-15 Pablo VazquezFeatures: Class for new status
2018-11-15 Pablo VazquezFeatures: Introducing New option for dev status
2018-11-15 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Dev Status for Features
2018-11-07 Pablo VazquezUI: Don't use thin fonts.
2018-11-07 Pablo VazquezIntroducing Random thank you slates.
2018-11-01 Pablo VazquezSEO: add option to specify meta_keywords
2018-10-18 Pablo VazquezUI Homepage: Thicker title
2018-10-01 Pablo VazquezFix path for font borg
2018-10-01 Pablo VazquezUpdate Blender Web Assets
2018-09-17 Francesco SiddiUpdate book store link
2018-09-08 Francesco SiddiAdd package-lock.json
2018-09-08 Francesco SiddiAdd gulp command
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezDuplicate CSS from BWA
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezUse footer from Blender Web Assets
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezUpdate Blender Web Assets
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezUpdate gulpfile for Gulp 4
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezUpdate NPM packages
2018-07-05 Pablo Gooseberry artwork background image
2018-07-05 Pablo thanks page
2018-07-05 Pablo thanks page
2018-03-27 Pablo VazquezQuest: We no longer need the javascript file
2018-03-21 Pablo VazquezCode Quest page: Style sponsor headers
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Minor style tweaks
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezPosts: Edit button same as on pages
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezFix width of preview hints on posts
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezMove extra content to the bottom
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezSupport for head content
2018-03-06 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs: Fix background text missing on Firefox
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezCode Blog: On par with blender org, and background...
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezWider index
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezFooter: Split analytics into its own file
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Set rockets sold number to .js-rockets...
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Progress bar code no longer needed
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezSmall tweaks to admin icons
2018-03-02 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Quick styling in case we reach the target...
2018-02-28 Pablo VazquezThanks page: Update Blender Cloud image
2018-02-23 Pablo VazquezMinor style tweaks
2018-02-23 Pablo VazquezRelease Logs Template tweaks
2018-02-22 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Make news thumbnails 16:9
2018-02-22 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Fix percentage
2018-02-20 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Little moon <3
2018-02-19 Pablo VazquezCode Quest: Small tweaks to supersonic rocket and sponsors
2018-02-16 Pablo VazquezCode Quest goes Supersonic!
2018-02-15 Pablo VazquezRocket: Small tweaks
2018-02-15 Pablo VazquezDuring the Code Quest the 2.8 page shows regular header
2018-02-15 Pablo VazquezCommunity: language names are now links
2018-02-15 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Don't open header link in a new tab
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Rocket incoming!
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload Page: Check if mirror is active
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezDownload Page: Unused variable
2018-02-14 Pablo VazquezQuest page: Lil rocket!
2018-02-13 Pablo VazquezMinor tweaks to quest page and homepage
2018-02-12 Pablo VazquezRelease Notes template: Option to align images to the...
2018-02-12 Pablo VazquezRelease Notes template:
2018-02-12 Pablo VazquezQuest page styling and scripts
2018-02-12 Pablo VazquezGulp: scripts task for JS scripts that are not in tutti
2018-02-08 Pablo VazquezFix download for "other versions" of RC
2018-01-30 Pablo VazquezTurns out macOS 2.79 was built as tar.gz and 2.79a...
2018-01-30 Pablo VazquezTurns out macOS 2.79 was built as tar.gz and 2.79a...
2018-01-30 Pablo VazquezDownload: RC now also happens on corrective releases
2018-01-30 Pablo VazquezDownload: Remove temporary 2.78 band-aid or OSX ->...
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezCards list: don't set thumbnail width to 100%
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezNo need for extra bullet points
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFeatures Category: Open read-more links in a new tab
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFeatures Category: Support for oEmbed
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFeatures Category: video and url support for categories
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFrontpage: Make headers link
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezDownload page: Features page have new ID number
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFeatures Category: Support for demo video and external url
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezFeatures Category: Use slugify() function instead of...
2017-12-01 Pablo VazquezMoving some header/navbar styling to assets_shared
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFeatures: Only show post content if there is any
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFeatures Categories: Title link to anchor
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezHeader: Add credits
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFeatures: Append subcategory before title detail
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFeatures template: new "Read more" link on cards
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFooter: New link for Jobs
2017-11-29 Pablo VazquezMinor tweaks to frontpage headings