3 days ago Pablo Implement rich results for blog posts master
2021-12-21 Francesco SiddiMirrors: Pick random mirror as fallback
2021-12-21 Francesco SiddiImprove readability of get_mirror function
2021-12-06 Francesco SiddiAdd missing quotes in key lookups
2021-12-03 Francesco SiddiUpdate download redirect url for bundles
2021-12-03 Francesco SiddiImprove download path construction
2021-11-24 Pablo Fix access to demo-files page
2021-11-24 Pablo Fix path on download
2021-11-24 Pablo Use mirrors from the site-wide settings page
2021-11-24 Pablo Add support to hide all custom blocks
2021-11-24 Pablo Support disabling cards in Card block
2021-11-24 Pablo Update BWA
2021-11-24 Pablo Support gradients in Paragraph+ block
2021-11-23 Pablo fix round borders in isolated image
2021-11-23 Pablo Ignore compiled global navbar template
2021-11-23 Pablo Fix empty items in World Cloud block
2021-11-17 Pablo Move mediaThumbnail to functions.php
2021-11-17 Pablo Fix Paragraph+ block em styling
2021-11-17 Pablo Video thumbnail support on cards block
2021-11-17 Pablo Style fixes for blocks
2021-11-17 Pablo improve check for styling in WP blocks
2021-11-16 Pablo New styles for Cover and Paragraph blocks
2021-11-16 Pablo Fix homepage features styling
2021-11-12 Pablo Fix chart bars block styling
2021-11-12 Pablo Fix chart bars block styling
2021-11-12 Pablo Style button blocks
2021-11-12 Pablo Fix chart bars block styling
2021-11-12 Pablo Rename Stats Bars block and add chart notes
2021-11-12 Pablo Improve Stats Bars block
2021-11-11 Pablo Stats Bars block
2021-11-11 Pablo Style default template like "Layout Generic"
2021-11-11 Pablo Fix secondary button on header
2021-11-11 Pablo rewrite header in Download page
2021-11-11 Pablo Update BWA
2021-11-11 Pablo Cleanup
2021-11-11 Pablo Fix font loading
2021-11-11 Pablo [Cleanup] Remove old homepage code
2021-10-21 Pablo Update BWA
2021-10-21 Pablo Adjust style on homepage items
2021-10-15 Pablo Cleanup: Remove custom Frontpage template
2021-10-15 Pablo Minor style tweaks to homepage
2021-10-15 Pablo Fix alignment in Communities page
2021-10-14 Pablo Support custom width per card
2021-10-14 Pablo Support different aspect ratios in the same...
2021-10-14 Pablo Introducing headline for cards
2021-10-12 Pablo Style fixes to accordion block
2021-10-08 Pablo Tweaks to download menu list highlight
2021-10-08 Pablo Cleanup footer
2021-10-08 Pablo Only show title if defined in settings
2021-10-08 Pablo Fix secondary nav on code blog
2021-10-08 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-08 Pablo update BWA
2021-10-08 Pablo Style and layout improvements to download page
2021-10-07 Pablo Use flat color for header overlays
2021-10-07 Pablo Fix icons to download page
2021-10-06 Pablo Use icons from Fontutti
2021-10-06 Pablo Farewell FontAwesome
2021-10-06 Pablo Update BWA
2021-10-06 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-06 Pablo Update ACF export json
2021-10-01 Pablo Support new layouts and aspect ratios in list...
2021-10-01 Pablo update BWA
2021-10-01 Pablo Refactor header size setting
2021-10-01 Pablo Refactor secondary nav parent item logic
2021-10-01 Pablo Introducing new aspect ratios for cards
2021-10-01 Pablo Fix page content displayed under header
2021-10-01 Pablo Cleanup
2021-10-01 Pablo Add rounded style to cover block
2021-09-21 Pablo Cleanup tabs block
2021-09-21 Pablo Cards block layout fix
2021-09-21 Pablo Load the dark config for the Code Blog editor
2021-09-21 Pablo Style tweak to blog headings
2021-09-21 Pablo Style tweak to blockquote
2021-09-20 Pablo tweak header gradient
2021-09-17 Pablo Show Code blog columns only on homepage
2021-09-17 Pablo Cleanup: Remove custom editor content
2021-09-17 Pablo fix navigation
2021-09-17 Pablo Use regular header for code blog
2021-09-17 Pablo Code blog config cleanup
2021-09-16 Pablo Fix credits not showing up on header static
2021-09-16 Pablo Fallback image for featured headers
2021-09-16 Pablo Cleanup thanks page
2021-09-16 Pablo Improve available mirrors list
2021-09-15 Pablo Style alternative mirrors block
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix alternative mirror URLs
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix container overflow
2021-09-15 Pablo Fix download mirror picking and display more...
2021-09-15 Pablo Add GeoIP2 PHP API package
2021-09-14 Pablo Update BWA
2021-09-14 Pablo Show secondary nav on 2.8 release notes
2021-09-10 Pablo Add class when page has a custom header
2021-09-10 Pablo Header style tweaks
2021-09-10 Pablo Fix wrong placement for separator
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup secondary navbar
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup
2021-09-10 Pablo Cleanup Sass variables
2021-09-10 Pablo Add icon to download button
2021-09-10 Pablo Remove icon and version from download button...
2021-09-02 Pablo Cleanup