descriptionRepository for managing Blender Package Manager Addon
ownerBlender Foundation
last changeTue, 29 Aug 2017 11:30:49 +0000 (04:30 -0700)
2017-08-29 Ellwood ZwovicMove package manager to blender branch master
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicRefresh package list after install
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicCorrect missed bit of rename
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicRepository filtering
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicAdd simple preferences display (just good enough to...
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicDon't force 'spawn' method, add explanation for workaround
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicDon't import things which import things which import bpy
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicMerge branch 'windows-subprocess-fix'
2017-08-15 Ellwood ZwovicIf bpy fails to import, assume we are in subprocess... windows-subprocess-fix
2017-08-15 Ellwood ZwovicUI Tweaks
2017-08-14 Ellwood ZwovicAlways draw uninstalled packages as enabled
2017-08-14 Ellwood ZwovicFix failure to store installation state, store reposito...
2017-08-13 Ellwood ZwovicOptimize package metadata fetching; avoid checking...
2017-08-13 Ellwood ZwovicInitial multiple repository support
2017-08-03 Ellwood ZwovicFix bug where sometimes enabled packages could be displ...
2017-08-02 Ellwood ZwovicUse as subprocess interpreter
21 months ago master
22 months ago windows-subprocess-fix
2 years ago soc-2016