2017-08-29 Ellwood ZwovicMove package manager to blender branch master
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicRefresh package list after install
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicCorrect missed bit of rename
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicRepository filtering
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicAdd simple preferences display (just good enough to...
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicDon't force 'spawn' method, add explanation for workaround
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicDon't import things which import things which import bpy
2017-08-20 Ellwood ZwovicMerge branch 'windows-subprocess-fix'
2017-08-15 Ellwood ZwovicIf bpy fails to import, assume we are in subprocess... windows-subprocess-fix
2017-08-15 Ellwood ZwovicUI Tweaks
2017-08-14 Ellwood ZwovicAlways draw uninstalled packages as enabled
2017-08-14 Ellwood ZwovicFix failure to store installation state, store reposito...
2017-08-13 Ellwood ZwovicOptimize package metadata fetching; avoid checking...
2017-08-13 Ellwood ZwovicInitial multiple repository support
2017-08-03 Ellwood ZwovicFix bug where sometimes enabled packages could be displ...
2017-08-02 Ellwood ZwovicUse as subprocess interpreter
2017-07-28 Ellwood ZwovicImprove user-level error messages
2017-07-28 Ellwood ZwovicRemoved unused addon preference properties
2017-07-28 Ellwood ZwovicFurther clarify testing instructions
2017-07-28 Ellwood ZwovicUpdate readme to mention bundled addons and other things
2017-07-27 Ellwood ZwovicClean up action button display, and add enabling/disabling
2017-07-26 Ellwood ZwovicQuick hack to show 'update' instead of 'install' when...
2017-07-26 Ellwood ZwovicFix wrong name errors caused in previous commit
2017-07-26 Ellwood ZwovicCleanup: Move package download/install code out of...
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicUpdate readme to reflect new repo UI
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicImplement more filter methods
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicTrack expanded packages outside of packages themseleves
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicAdjust package state display
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicDifferentiated between user packages and system packages
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicAdd 'repo.json' to url before giving it to bpkg
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicRecursively reload submodules
2017-07-25 Ellwood ZwovicAdd repository list to package panel
2017-07-24 Ellwood ZwovicMove 'all_packages' list out of the panel class
2017-07-24 Ellwood ZwovicFix missing import
2017-07-23 Ellwood ZwovicDocumentation: include testing repository
2017-07-23 Ellwood ZwovicDocumentation: installation and setup instructions...
2017-07-23 Ellwood ZwovicCorrect wrong bl_idname for preferences, trigger redraw...
2017-07-23 Ellwood ZwovicFix inport errors and maintain compatibility with pytho...
2017-07-23 Ellwood ZwovicImprove metadata display
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicUpdate bl_info
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicRemove hang operator
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicMove package management code out of
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicCleanup: rename package manager addon from bpkg ->...
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicCleanup: rename repo generation script
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicCleanup: Rename ViewPackage -> ConsolidatedPackage...
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicAdd uninstall function and operator
2017-07-21 Ellwood ZwovicDon't leave trailing slashes on the end of directory...
2017-07-20 Ellwood ZwovicMake it easy to re-collapse packages after expanding...
2017-07-20 Ellwood ZwovicInclude installed packages in listing
2017-07-20 Ellwood ZwovicFilelist should just include filenames, not absolute...
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicStore filelists in generated repositories
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicAllow user-added urls to omit 'repo.json'
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicDon't show install button if there's no URL to install...
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicJust ignore missing blinfo fields
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicStore repository on window manager so it isn't saved...
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicRemove commented attempt at caching search results
2017-07-19 Ellwood ZwovicBetter sorting of search results
2017-07-18 Ellwood ZwovicSome odd tweaks and repo management code
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicPartial expanded view implementation
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicAddress comments on 2e45bf637aa3
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicException handling for repo refresh
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicAddress comments on 058b5a802f27
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicAddress comments on 67b1857e58cc
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicAdd
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicRename bpkg_manager to just bpkg
2017-07-15 Ellwood ZwovicGive repo generation tool clearer name
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicAdd pytest .cache dirs to gitignore
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicRemove old code
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicAdd baseurl option to make_repo and actually set packag...
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicBasic filtering for package browser
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicSort packagelist
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicBasic package browsing UI
2017-07-14 Ellwood ZwovicSend repolist to blender and list contents
2017-07-13 Ellwood ZwovicRepository downloading
2017-07-13 Ellwood ZwovicAddress comments on previous commit
2017-07-13 Ellwood ZwovicMake install procedure overwrite existing addons
2017-07-12 Ellwood ZwovicOnly check root files for conflicts
2017-07-12 Ellwood ZwovicBasic install function
2017-07-10 Ellwood ZwovicSome stuff from old exception-based error handling...
2017-07-10 Ellwood ZwovicMerge branch 'master' of
2017-07-09 Sybren A. StüvelAdded bpkg_manager package that can download packages...
2017-07-09 Ellwood ZwovicAlso raise exception on child process, to get a traceba...
2017-07-09 gandalf3Note reasoning behind call order
2017-07-09 gandalf3Add docstrings
2017-07-09 gandalf3Add decorator for handing child-process side of pipe
2017-07-09 gandalf3Subprocess management: use a decorator
2017-07-08 gandalf3Split addon code up by purpose
2017-07-07 gandalf3Rename "blenderpack" module to "bpackage"
2017-07-07 gandalf3Move blenderpack into own package
2017-07-07 gandalf3Update tests for previous commit
2017-07-07 gandalf3Add Repository and Package classes
2017-07-06 gandalf3Remove unneccesary bulk of code in addons used for...
2017-07-06 gandalf3Cleanup: Changes suggested by @sybren
2017-07-05 gandalf3First test for conditional requests
2017-07-05 gandalf3Improve
2017-07-04 gandalf3Remove old commented code
2017-07-04 gandalf3Add UIlist for repositories (and make reloadable)
2017-07-03 gandalf3Terminology: Update -> Upgrade, Fetch -> Refresh
2017-07-03 gandalf3Quick hack to handle case of non-text, non-python files
2017-07-02 gandalf3Get all tests for passing