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ownerBlender Foundation
last changeTue, 20 Mar 2018 16:11:14 +0000 (17:11 +0100)
2018-03-20 Brecht Van... Fix build error on Windows 32 bit. master
2018-03-20 Sergey SharybinRemove debug only code from previous commit
2018-03-20 Sergey SharybinMemory allocator: Clarify consistency check function
2018-03-20 Ray MolenkampMSVC: Fix lite build.
2018-03-20 Sybren A. StüvelFixed: cache clearing when using multiple Alembic files.
2018-03-20 Campbell BartonFix BLI_assert for MSVC
2018-03-20 Bastien MontagneFix missing ID pointer handling in materials in ID...
2018-03-20 Sergey SharybinFix missing array duplication when copying material
2018-03-20 Joshua LeungFix compile error with MSVC2013 - Can't use __func__...
2018-03-19 Bogdan NagirniakFix T54019: copying and linking bugs with custom ID...
2018-03-19 Matthias EllerbeckFix T54240: automatic node link moving should take...
2018-03-19 Brecht Van... Fix T54317: overlapping volume render bug after recent...
2018-03-19 Brecht Van... Fix T54356: volume rendering bug using just color attri...
2018-03-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: use utility header for particle looping
2018-03-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: move particle undo into own file
2018-03-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: move armature undo into own file
5 weeks ago gpu_unified_context
3 months ago template-object-add-mesh
3 months ago temp-blend-lz4
4 months ago temp-dna-rename
5 months ago temp-angavrilov-nla-overlay
7 months ago blender2.8_glsl_tweaks
7 months ago temp-angavrilov-wpaint-lock-relative
8 months ago temp-angavrilov-partial-apply-pose
8 months ago blender2.8_transform_tweaks
12 months ago temp-multi-object-curve-tools
12 months ago blender2.8-mixed_snap_improvements
13 months ago temp-toolbar-refactor
13 months ago temp-angavrilov
13 months ago temp-ui-popover
14 months ago temp-object-multi-mode-xform-not-compiling
14 months ago temp-add-ob-mode-back-28