Ok hopefully this is the last one for macosX ;)
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2003-01-06 Kent MeinOk hopefully this is the last one for macosX ;)
2003-01-06 Kent Meinadded for MacOSX instructions: (This has the static...
2003-01-06 Kent MeinUpdated the fink calls to libjpeg and libpng instead...
2002-12-22 Maarten GribnauUpdated README with directions for Windows.
2002-12-20 Kent MeinAdded a link for where to get glut
2002-12-19 Maarten GribnauAdded the the magic compiler flag that will turn on...
2002-12-16 Maarten GribnauUpdated the readme section on building OSX.
2002-11-27 Kent MeinFixed some stuipid bugs in the Makefile.am's and
2002-11-21 Kent MeinMoved the stuff on autoconfig to doc/autoconfig.txt...
2002-11-19 Kent MeinOk I added the following options to configure.ac
2002-11-15 Kent Meinremoved the comments about libtool not working :)
2002-11-15 Kent MeinOk were getting somewhere here ;)