Making the C++ stuff work for the MipsPro 7.3 compiler.
[blender-staging.git] / projectfiles_vc7 /
2004-11-09 Nathan Letworyupdate msvc7 projectfile for bfont.ttf.c
2004-10-06 Nathan LetworyAdded new files for outliner view in OOPS window
2004-10-01 Nathan LetworyProjectfile (MSVC 7.0) update for new softbody files
2004-09-30 Nathan Letworywrong name!
2004-09-30 Nathan Letworyadd editmesh_undo.c and windowTheme.c/h so everything...
2004-09-19 Nathan LetworyUpdate project files to compile and link with newest...
2004-09-05 Nathan LetworyUpdate msvc7 project files:
2004-07-13 Nathan Letwory* UNWRAPPER define in blenkernel for
2004-06-24 Nathan Letwory* missing include paths added for debug configuration
2004-06-24 Nathan Letwory* updated the msvc 7 projectfile of yafray for the...
2004-06-11 Joseph Gilbert- update to MSVC7 for Property support
2004-05-18 Nathan LetworyForgot to add PyMath.cpp and .h
2004-05-18 Nathan LetworyModified .vcproj files to include files for scenegraph...
2004-04-26 Nathan LetworyUpdate projectfile for new python module
2004-04-19 Joseph Gilbert-update to MSVC7 project for NLA module
2004-04-19 Joseph Gilbert-update to msvc7 project for NLA module
2004-04-16 Nathan Letwory[MSVC7] Update of projectfiles for the removal of the...
2004-04-07 Nathan LetworyMajor update for Visual Studio .Net project files....