Missing change in previous BPy revert.
[blender-staging.git] / tools / btools.py
2007-12-23 Martin PoirierMissing change in previous BPy revert.
2007-12-20 Nathan LetworyA little christmas present for the lazy coders.
2007-12-17 Campbell Bartonrename WITH_PYAPI_V24X to WITH_BPYAPI_V24X (because...
2007-12-16 Campbell Barton* Added an option not to compile the 2.4x api (WITH_PYA...
2007-12-10 Martin PoirierMerge from Harmonic Skeleton branch
2007-11-29 Joshua LeungScons Compiling Hack:
2007-11-26 Brecht Van LommelParticles
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2007-08-14 Jean-Luc Peurièreadd the option of not installing to scons build system
2007-06-25 Kent MeinThis commit is a modified version of patch #6860
2007-06-06 Nathan Letwory* put a try block around import subprocess. Apparently...
2007-05-31 Nathan Letwory=== SCons ===
2007-05-31 Nathan Letwory=== SCons ===
2007-04-05 Nathan Letwory=== SCons ===
2007-02-15 Simon ClitherowAdded windows NSIS installer script to scons. Not...
2006-11-13 Andrea Weikert==== scons ====
2006-11-03 Nathan Letwory* control the creation of .bsc files when BF_DEBUG...
2006-10-18 Nathan LetworyPatch 5105 by Joshua Leung (Aligorith), slightly modifi...
2006-10-11 Nathan Letwory* remove the .Append(LIBS = ['libverse']), since it...
2006-08-22 Nathan Letwory* Patch #4909 by Joseph Eagar (joeedh)
2006-08-22 Nils Thuerey- modified patch #4681, for scons compiling
2006-08-14 Nathan Letwory[ #4035 ] patch to make scons compile with ffmpeg in...
2006-03-17 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-03-13 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-03-06 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-25 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-23 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-21 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-05 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-05 Peter SchlaileAdds ffmpeg-support on Linux-platforms. Since ffmpeg...
2006-02-05 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-05 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-05 Nathan Letwory* WITH_BF_GETTEXT and WITH_BF_FREETYPE are merged into...
2006-02-04 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-04 Nathan Letwory== SCons ==