Three-in-one commit:
[blender-staging.git] / source / blender / makesdna /
2006-01-29 Ton RoosendaalThree-in-one commit:
2006-01-28 Chris WantThe code from the orange branch has now been copied...
2006-01-28 Chris WantFinal merge of HEAD (bf-blender) into the orange branch.
2006-01-28 Ton RoosendaalOrange: made Compositing more interactive. It now has...
2006-01-26 no-authorThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2006-01-26 Ton RoosendaalOrange; more render & compo stuff!
2006-01-25 Ton RoosendaalOrange; fresh morning feature:
2006-01-24 Ton RoosendaalOrange: enabled compositing in render pipeline.
2006-01-23 Ton RoosendaalGiant commit!
2006-01-13 Matt EbbOrange: Display types and variable size for Empties.
2006-01-12 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2006-01-11 Matt EbbOrange: Added an option in View Properties panel to...
2006-01-11 Ton RoosendaalOrange: ImageWindow goodies
2006-01-10 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of bf-blender into orange branch.
2006-01-10 Ton RoosendaalOrange: more work on float/exr buffers;
2006-01-10 Brecht Van LommelApply Subsurf to UV's.
2006-01-09 Ton RoosendaalOrange: and now for the real exr fun: float buffer...
2006-01-09 Ton RoosendaalOrange: Further cleanup of EXR saving
2006-01-09 Ton RoosendaalOrange branch: OpenEXR finally in Blender!
2006-01-08 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2006-01-06 Nathan Letwory#3706 (patch tracker)
2006-01-06 Nathan LetworyTodo #2574
2006-01-04 Ton RoosendaalOrange: Hold SHIFT+MMB in camera view shifts the viewpo...
2006-01-04 Ton RoosendaalOrange; relative path fix for libraries.
2006-01-04 Ton RoosendaalWednesday sync orange with bf-blender
2006-01-04 Ton RoosendaalOrange: more Node goodies;
2006-01-03 Ton RoosendaalOrange; merger with bf-blender.
2006-01-02 Ton RoosendaalOrange: enabled thread render for node trees.
2006-01-02 Ton RoosendaalOrange; made Node types Texture and Geometry integrated...
2006-01-02 Ton RoosendaalOrange: more noodle updates!
2006-01-01 Ton RoosendaalOrange <-> bf-blender conflict, with 2.40 saved files...
2005-12-29 Ton RoosendaalMore node goodies!
2005-12-28 Ton RoosendaalReview done with Matt; so here's a nicer version of...
2005-12-28 Ton RoosendaalChristmas coding work!
2005-12-21 Andrea WeikertBig commit in orange: Interface icons for materials...
2005-12-21 Ton RoosendaalOrange; daily noodler update commit.
2005-12-20 Ton RoosendaalOrange: daily commit of continuing work on noodle editor.
2005-12-19 Ton RoosendaalOrange: monday merger with bf-blender (loadsa bugfixes).
2005-12-19 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2005-12-18 Ton RoosendaalOrange; update commit on WIP project for Noodle editing. :)
2005-12-18 Ton RoosendaalOrange: Made dashed parent-offset lines option for...
2005-12-18 Toni Alataloorange: animation baking code. also a patch to autokey...
2005-12-18 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2005-12-17 Ton RoosendaalSaturday merger of bf-blender in orange branch.
2005-12-17 Ton RoosendaalOrange: New option "Shadow Bias", to extend the boundar...
2005-12-17 Ton RoosendaalOrange:
2005-12-15 Ken Hughes-- Added BPy support for new Material modes. Recent...
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalAnother merger of Orange branch with bf-blender, it...
2005-12-14 Ton RoosendaalWednesday merger of Orange branch and bf-blender
2005-12-13 Ton RoosendaalTuesday merger of Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalSunday merger of orange branch with bf-blender
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalOrange: made duplicators work for dynamic particle...
2005-12-11 Ton RoosendaalBig commit with work on Groups & Libraries:
2005-12-09 Ton RoosendaalOrange; WIP commit for inclusion of "Tangent" vector...
2005-12-08 Ton RoosendaalNew feature: "Stress" texture input channel
2005-12-08 Ton RoosendaalOrange: Made Action Editor to respect Bone layers too.
2005-12-07 Ton RoosendaalOrange: Custom drawing types for bones in Poses!
2005-12-07 Ton RoosendaalOrange request; Bones in Armature now have own layer...
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange: tuesday sync with bf-blender
2005-12-06 Ton RoosendaalOrange branch: Revived hidden treasure, the Groups!
2005-12-04 Ton RoosendaalOrange bramch:
2005-12-04 Ton RoosendaalSunday sync of Orange with bf-blender
2005-12-04 Ton RoosendaalOrange branch feature; Material Layering
2005-12-03 Ton RoosendaalAdded Copy/Paste 'mapping' options for World/Lamp buttons.
2005-12-02 Ton RoosendaalFriday merge of bf-blender into orange branch.
2005-12-01 Ton RoosendaalExtra texture channel input for Mist effect; "Global...
2005-11-30 Ton RoosendaalSyncing Orange branch with bf-blender
2005-11-27 Ton RoosendaalFinishing touch for hair strand shadows;
2005-11-23 Ton RoosendaalNew stuff & fixes in Blender OSA filtering.
2005-11-23 Nils Thuerey- changed DerivedMesh integration, the fluidsim meshes now
2005-11-22 Kent MeinThis is a modified version of patch #2995
2005-11-22 Matt Ebb* LSCM live transform is finally here!
2005-11-20 Ken Hughes-- change lastused in struct Image from long to int...
2005-11-20 Ton RoosendaalPatch provided by Alfredo de Greef
2005-11-20 Ton RoosendaalPatch by Matt Ebb: upgraded usablitiy of text button.
2005-11-19 Ton RoosendaalPatch #3365, Toolbox from Tuhopuu
2005-11-19 Ton RoosendaalFinally switched to porting UI stuff from tuhopuu!
2005-11-17 Ton RoosendaalOne visit to studio orange, and voila a todo list!
2005-11-17 Ton RoosendaalAnother Orange sneak-in feature: SoftBody support for...
2005-11-16 Ton RoosendaalAdded stepsize option for Pose ghosting draw. Patch...
2005-11-16 Matt EbbAdded a slider to control camera passepartout darkness...
2005-11-16 Ton RoosendaalNew Constraint option for Pose: "Local" Copy Location...
2005-11-15 Ton RoosendaalRevision of NLA stride option.
2005-11-14 Ton RoosendaalStrand render/zbuffering optimize recode
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalFinished hair strand render project (well, for release...
2005-11-12 Ton RoosendaalHairdresser request;
2005-11-10 Ton RoosendaalMore hairdressing goodies; in the 'velocity' section...
2005-11-10 Matt Ebb* Fixed a little problem when using both F* keys and...
2005-11-10 Ton RoosendaalThe long awaited Particle patch from Janne Karhu
2005-11-09 Nils Thuerey- popup menu now aborts by default
2005-11-08 Alexander EweringChanged my mind and made the "Strobe" value a float...
2005-11-07 Alexander EweringNew 'feature' for image/movie strips: Strobe
2005-11-01 Ton RoosendaalThree new features:
2005-10-31 Ton RoosendaaliNew: TimeSlide in Action Window
2005-10-30 Ton RoosendaalTwo half working commits!
2005-10-30 Ton RoosendaalTwo new IK features.
2005-10-29 Ton RoosendaalNew: Write Protection for transform values.
2005-10-29 Ton RoosendaalNew: Mirror Modifier now has option "Do Clipping",...
2005-10-28 Ton RoosendaalHere's another milestone: Shape Keys now can be inserte...
2005-10-27 Ton RoosendaalNLA & Action goodies;