Added group defaultconfig to group mainmodule.
[blender-staging.git] / intern / iksolver /
2003-03-18 Daniel DunbarUpdate to use <iostream> vs <iostream.h>
2003-03-18 Daniel DunbarRest of the VC7 intern projectfiles.
2003-03-12 Simon Clitherowupdated intern project files to suit the lib dir move.
2003-01-28 Simon ClitherowModified MSVC intern projectfiles - XCOPY doesn't need...
2003-01-12 Francis LaurenceHello,
2003-01-04 Hans LambermontWorkaround for the header file copying dependency hell
2003-01-01 Kent MeinFinished cleaning up the ik directory removing unused...
2002-12-26 Kent MeinWooHoo me again ;)
2002-12-19 Kent MeinFixed this warning:
2002-12-16 Kent MeinAdded extra libs for solaris
2002-12-14 Simon ClitherowCorrected intern lib names so blendercreator.dsp can...
2002-12-12 Simon ClitherowAnd the rest! ;) --aphex
2002-12-03 Kent MeinGot rid of unused files in intern/iksolver
2002-11-25 Kent MeinYes I did it again ;)
2002-11-20 Kent Meinremoved our licensing info as requested :)
2002-11-19 Kent Mein--- IK_JacobianSolver.cpp 2002/10/13 16:07:40...
2002-11-08 Maarten GribnauAdded almost all projects in intern to the main MSVC...
2002-11-07 Maarten GribnauAdded extra ranlib on libary files after being copied...
2002-10-30 Kent Meinfixed spacing in the headers to get rid of some warning...
2002-10-30 Kent Meinremoved some unused variables
2002-10-29 Kent Meinremoved extra ;
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision