NLA SoC: Merge from 2.5
[blender-staging.git] / source / blender / makesdna / DNA_curve_types.h
2009-06-28 Joshua LeungNLA SoC: Merge from 2.5 - 21179 to 21209
2009-06-27 Joshua LeungNLA SoC: Merge from 2.5 - 21146 to 21178
2009-06-25 Joshua LeungAt last... this merge should finally do the trick!
2009-06-22 Campbell Bartonremoving files that should not be in blender2.5, added...
2009-06-22 Joshua LeungNLA SoC: Merge from 2.5
2009-06-21 Joshua LeungNLA SoC: Merge from 2.5
2009-06-20 Joshua LeungNLA SoC: Conversion fixes - Curve 'Speed' Curves +...
2009-06-16 Campbell Bartonsmall merge needed for testing new animsys in 2.5 BGE...
2009-06-16 Campbell Bartonchanges to the sequencer in trunk between 20855:20928...
2009-06-16 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-06-13 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-06-13 Campbell Bartonmerged from trunk 20741:20848
2009-06-08 Brecht Van Lommel2.50:
2009-04-20 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge
2009-03-17 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge
2009-02-02 Joshua LeungAnimato RNA wrapping:
2009-01-26 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-26 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge
2009-01-23 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-18 Joshua Leung2.5 - AnimSys Data management stuff...
2009-01-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-02 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-31 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-19 Joshua Leung2.5
2008-11-12 Brecht Van LommelMerge of trunk into blender 2.5:
2008-10-02 Martin Poiriermerge trunk 16118 -> 116886
2008-09-26 Andre Susano PintoMerge ... SimpleDeform modifier from soc-2008-jaguarand...
2008-09-23 Campbell Bartonfix for [#11744] NurbCurve Radius incorrect
2008-09-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 16593:16648
2008-09-19 Andre Susano PintoMerge from trunk
2008-09-19 Joshua Leung== IPO Defines Cleanup ==
2008-05-07 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13452:14721
2008-04-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14236:14505
2008-04-16 Chris WantPatch from GSR that a) fixes a whole bunch of GPL/BL...
2008-03-13 Jean-Luc Peurièreresolved conflict state with HEAD r14096
2008-02-04 Hamed Zaghaghimerging game_engine branch changes into trunk, 2d-filte...
2008-01-07 Chris WantPatch to change license to GPL only, from GSR.
2007-11-26 Brecht Van LommelParticles
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2007-11-04 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 12419:12478
2007-11-04 Ton RoosendaalNew driver option for the poor suffering riggers:
2007-08-21 Matt Ebb* Curve tilt interpolation types
2007-08-08 Joshua LeungAdded comments documenting a few variables in the DNA_c...
2007-07-19 Joshua Leung== SDNA - Code Comments ==
2007-04-25 Joshua Leung== Action Editor ==
2007-02-14 Ton RoosendaalBugfix, email report.
2006-11-06 Nicholas BishopMerged Google Summer of Code sculptmode/multires/retopo...
2006-08-13 Matt Ebb* Shrink/Fatten for bevelled curves
2006-05-02 Kent MeinAdded some comments on what vec in BezTriple contains.
2006-04-30 Willian Padovani... Pydrivers: Ipo Drivers controlled by Python expressions
2006-02-08 Ton RoosendaalUpgraded max limit for faces in render. Up to now,...
2006-02-07 Ton RoosendaalWanted feature for curves: a render-time resolution...
2005-11-17 Ton RoosendaalAnother Orange sneak-in feature: SoftBody support for...
2005-10-30 Ton RoosendaalTwo half working commits!
2005-10-23 Ton RoosendaalAutohandles in Ipo Window still could overshoot. Added...
2005-10-02 Ton RoosendaalVersion 1.0 of IpoDrivers.
2005-08-29 Alexander EweringMore text object fancyness, and fixes:
2005-08-14 Daniel Dunbar - added make_orco_curf, even does keys!
2005-06-18 Alexander EweringAttempt at providing the best possible flexibility...
2005-06-17 Alexander EweringInitial commit for new text object.
2005-02-11 Ton RoosendaalLittle warming-up getting-feet-wet coding project. :)
2004-12-11 Ton RoosendaalFixes, after bug report Stefano:
2004-09-14 Ton RoosendaalLot of code... 2 new features:
2004-08-29 Ton RoosendaalFeature for Curve objects in Blender; 'tapering'.
2004-07-25 Stephen Swaneyadded a comment
2004-07-08 Ton RoosendaalQuite a large one this time... but now we have:
2004-03-24 Stephen Swaneyadd comment to BezTriple struct.
2004-03-14 Daniel Dunbar - replaced AUTOSPACE define with {ME_,CU_,MB_}AUTOSPACE,
2003-04-27 Ton RoosendaalMore translations of c comments, now also include files!
2002-12-27 Kent MeinRemoved the config.h thing from the .h's in the source...
2002-11-25 Kent MeinDid all of the .h's in source
2002-10-30 Kent Meinfixed spacing in the headers to get rid of some warning...
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision