2.5: Remove OOPS code from the outliner space, as discussed
[blender-staging.git] / source / blender / blenloader / intern / readfile.c
2009-03-26 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Remove OOPS code from the outliner space, as discussed
2009-03-21 Joshua LeungF-Curve Modifiers: Envelope Modifier
2009-03-17 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf...
2009-03-16 Martin PoirierMerging etch-a-ton branch in trunk.
2009-03-16 Joshua LeungF-Curve Modifiers: Generator Modifier Code
2009-03-13 Martin Poiriermerging trunk 19093:19274
2009-03-13 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: UI Layout Engine, initial code.
2009-02-28 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Text Editor back.
2009-02-25 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Particle edit mode more functional now. Transform...
2009-02-23 Martin Poiriermerging trunk 17520:19093
2009-02-22 Nicholas Bishop* Added radial control for texture paint (in both view3...
2009-02-20 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-19 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-17 Campbell Bartonbugfix [#18003] Rev-17473: Scene sets doesn't work...
2009-02-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-11 Joshua LeungKeying Sets: Initial commit of skeleton code
2009-02-09 Joshua LeungAnimato: Added 'experimental' grouping schemes for...
2009-02-07 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-05 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-04 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-02-02 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-31 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-26 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: Added files + Bugfixes
2009-01-26 Joshua LeungAnimato/2.5 - Graph Editor (i.e. the new 'IPO Editor')
2009-01-26 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf...
2009-01-23 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-23 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: WM Compositing
2009-01-22 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-22 Joshua LeungAnimato - Basic version patching support
2009-01-22 Nicholas Bishop* Fixed some crashiness with sculpt file loading
2009-01-22 Nicholas BishopUndo in sculpt mode works now. Also removed some unused...
2009-01-20 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: WIP commit for WM compositing.
2009-01-20 Joshua LeungAnimato - Restoring most of Action Editor
2009-01-19 Campbell BartonAdded back some functionality to the sequencer
2009-01-19 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-19 Joshua Leung2.5 - More work on getting file read/write support...
2009-01-18 Joshua Leung2.5 - AnimSys Data management stuff...
2009-01-17 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: uv editor
2009-01-17 Nicholas BishopMake sculpt data more like vpaint/weightpaint. SculptDa...
2009-01-17 Joshua Leung2.5: Blender "Animato" - New Animation System
2009-01-17 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: various warning fixes.
2009-01-15 Brecht Van LommelRNA
2009-01-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-13 Nathan Letwory2.5 / Nodes
2009-01-12 Joshua Leung2.5
2009-01-10 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-09 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-07 Nicholas BishopChanges/cleanup for sculptdata and brushes. Summary:
2009-01-06 Andrea Weikert2.5 filebrowser
2009-01-06 Nicholas BishopFixed a warning (missing include)
2009-01-06 Nicholas BishopGot rid of old multires code, brought in multires modif...
2009-01-06 Andrea Weikert2.5 - Start of filebrowser.
2009-01-05 Joshua Leung2.5 - Various Cleanups/Fixes
2009-01-04 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-03 Nathan Letwory2.5
2009-01-02 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-02 Joshua Leung2.5 - Silencing more MSVC warnings
2009-01-02 Joshua Leung2.5 - Animation and View2D
2009-01-01 Joshua Leung2.5 - Assorted bugfixes
2008-12-31 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-31 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-31 Brecht Van LommelRNA
2008-12-30 Joshua Leung2.5 - Bugfix for old Outliner/Oops views
2008-12-29 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Error reporting
2008-12-29 Nathan Letwory2.5 / Nodes
2008-12-28 Joshua Leung2.5 - Version patch for reading old .blend files (for...
2008-12-26 Brecht Van LommelRNA:
2008-12-26 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-26 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: various warning fixes. There was one actual bug...
2008-12-26 Brecht Van LommelUI: Panels
2008-12-23 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-22 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-21 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-21 Joshua LeungView2D - Vertical (within area) syncing for channel...
2008-12-21 Joshua Leung2.5 - Animation Editors - common drawing stuff
2008-12-19 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: blenloader/ cleaning:
2008-12-19 Joshua Leung2.5
2008-12-19 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Change blenloader module to use the Report system...
2008-12-19 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: fix for crash reading regions of inactive spaces...
2008-12-18 Joshua Leung2.5 - Assorted tweaks for anim editors before porting...
2008-12-18 Daniel GenrichBugfix for crash with loading fluidsim files, reported...
2008-12-18 Joshua LeungView2D: More bugfixes
2008-12-17 Joshua LeungView2D: Cleanup of presets and fixed errors in various...
2008-12-16 Joshua LeungView2D: Presets for Initialising Views
2008-12-16 Brecht Van Lommel2.5: Fix crash in sequencer reading code.
2008-12-15 Ton RoosendaalDepricated Image Select window, so it doesnt crash :)
2008-12-15 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-15 Joshua LeungView2D: Simplification and documentation of settings
2008-12-15 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: added sequence.c in blenkernel for sequencer...
2008-12-14 Brecht Van Lommel2.50: svn merge https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf...
2008-12-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-14 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-14 Joshua LeungView2D: Cosmetic changes and bugfixes
2008-12-13 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2008-12-13 Joshua LeungView2D:
2008-12-12 Joshua Leung2.5 - Assorted View2D related fixes
2008-12-12 Campbell BartonProjection Painting, merge from branch
2008-12-12 Ton Roosendaal2.5