Bugfixes for Transform (related to Constraints):
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2007-07-24 Joshua LeungBugfixes for Transform (related to Constraints):
2007-07-24 Joshua LeungMore constraints bugfixes:
2007-07-24 Joshua Leung== Constraints - Important Bugfix ==
2007-07-23 Ken HughesRemoving what appears to be useless code which causes...
2007-07-23 Robert HolcombChanged logic for early out to require only one input...
2007-07-23 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #6918
2007-07-23 Joshua Leung== Action Editor - Bugfixes ==
2007-07-23 Joshua Leung== Constraints - Bugfixes ==
2007-07-23 Joseph Eagar=Rendering Bugfix=
2007-07-23 Martin PoirierPartial fix for #6875 Normal aligned transform-constrai...
2007-07-22 Joshua LeungJust a few little code cleanups for IPO cleaning code:
2007-07-21 Campbell Bartonfixed some bugs in Draw.c
2007-07-21 Joshua Leung== Transformation Constraint ==
2007-07-21 Campbell Bartonfix for Curve appendNurb
2007-07-20 Campbell Bartonremoving 2 getset duplicates
2007-07-19 Campbell BartonUse texture constants in the interface and added some...
2007-07-19 Campbell Bartonwas missing header
2007-07-19 Campbell Bartonremoving duplicate constants
2007-07-19 Joshua Leung== SDNA - Code Comments ==
2007-07-19 Campbell Bartonadded commends to some DNA_*.h files - as well as some...
2007-07-18 Joseph Eagar=Shapekey Missing Undopush bugfix=
2007-07-17 Joshua Leung== Constraints Work - PyAPI ==
2007-07-17 Joshua LeungRemoved a variable that wasn't needed, but somehow...
2007-07-16 Diego BorghettiSmall fix: need set the color before call glRasterPos...
2007-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix #6831: Crash when combining duplivert and mirror
2007-07-16 Erwin Coumansbugfixes for generic (experimental) Bullet rigidbody...
2007-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix #6945: Weight painting bug
2007-07-15 Campbell Bartonwas missing colorband from the flags in the epy docs
2007-07-15 Andrea Weikert== MSVC compilation ==
2007-07-15 Joshua LeungA few minor changes:
2007-07-15 Joshua LeungBugfix #6915:
2007-07-15 Joshua Leung== TrackTo Constraint ==
2007-07-15 Joshua Leung== Constraints System ==
2007-07-13 Ken HughesPython API
2007-07-12 Campbell BartonRevision: 11257 from 2.44 stable
2007-07-12 Ken HughesPython API
2007-07-12 Kent MeinAdded only's to the tooltips
2007-07-12 Kent MeinRemoving the double negitives in the tooltips talked...
2007-07-12 Campbell BartonFrom stable
2007-07-11 Kent MeinLittle typo found by Renato Perini
2007-07-11 Kent MeinAdded a flush after fprintf
2007-07-11 Joshua LeungBugfix #6931:
2007-07-11 Robert HolcombOne more time....I misunderstood the guidance about...
2007-07-11 Robert HolcombAfter chatting with Broken about grs comments on the...
2007-07-11 Robert HolcombUpdated Contributor line in GPL header to reflect origi...
2007-07-10 Kent MeinRemoved comments with non ascii chars...
2007-07-10 Kent MeinThis is patch [#6929] Interpolation Methods
2007-07-10 Diego BorghettiFix regression reported by Early Ehlinger on ML.
2007-07-10 Kent MeinUpdate to the translation code. Patch provided by...
2007-07-10 Robert HolcombFixed typo. Ooops.
2007-07-10 Robert HolcombAdded normalize compositing node.
2007-07-10 Robert HolcombCommitted patch fixing bug #6900. Math node now has...
2007-07-09 Joseph Eagar=ID Property update=
2007-07-09 Kent MeinWas a missing -DWITH_FFMPEG here so I added it.
2007-07-09 Ken HughesBug #6924: Add WITH_FFMPEG compilation switch when...
2007-07-07 Ken HughesCorrect comments in example for Python Ipo module doc.
2007-07-06 Joshua Leung== Action Editor Bugfixes ==
2007-07-06 Erwin Coumans//someone reversed axle direction conventions inside...
2007-07-05 Campbell BartonIpo doc correction thanks to kempoller
2007-07-04 Joshua LeungBugfix: 'Random' crashes after duplicating bones
2007-07-03 Campbell Bartonwas missing a decref and leaking ram when building...
2007-07-03 Juho VepsalainenFix for bug #6907:
2007-07-03 Joshua LeungIcons Bugfix:
2007-07-03 Juho Vepsalainen"Render to image editor" to render to Buttons Window...
2007-07-03 Matt Ebb* Added a bit more 'padding' around the node sockets...
2007-07-03 Matt Ebb* Added a hotkey (T) for the sculpt mode flatten brush
2007-07-03 Matt Ebb* Removed the 'Beautify Fill' confirmation. None of...
2007-07-03 Matt Ebb* Added the invisible 'Bone envelopes to vertex groups...
2007-07-03 Joshua Leung== Action/IPO Mute Icons ==
2007-07-03 Joshua Leung== Constraints/Arithb Code ==
2007-07-02 Joshua Leung== Action Editor ==
2007-07-01 Campbell Bartonreplace PyInt_CheckExact with PyInt_Check, same for...
2007-06-30 Joshua Leungreadfile.c - fixed a indentention on a few lines
2007-06-30 Campbell Bartonreversing unintentional changes.
2007-06-30 Campbell Bartonmixed decloration, own Lattice typo's
2007-06-29 Campbell Bartonsame as 2.44 stable - missing NULL checks.
2007-06-29 Campbell Bartonremove unneeded checks from the python API
2007-06-29 Campbell Bartonpatch from harkyman to make it possible to extend image...
2007-06-28 Kent MeinCode cleanup's done by bedraw
2007-06-28 Campbell BartonMesh.c - added missing error checking for vert ranges...
2007-06-27 Kent MeinThis is a fix for game engine bug #6667
2007-06-26 Roland HessAdds the following selection methods to the Sequence...
2007-06-26 Kent MeinThis is patch #6833
2007-06-26 Jiri Hnidek- Added several new callback functions for geometry...
2007-06-26 Joshua Leung== Action/IPO Editors - Code Cleanup ==
2007-06-25 Ken HughesFor scons: Add "-DWITH_DDS" to compile flags when dds...
2007-06-25 Kent MeinThis is patch #6825 (The patch missed a couple of them but
2007-06-25 Kent MeinThis commit is a modified version of patch #6860
2007-06-25 Ton RoosendaalWhoa, a new feature!
2007-06-25 Nicholas Bishop== Sculpt Mode ==
2007-06-25 Nicholas Bishop== Sculpt Mode ==
2007-06-24 Nicholas Bishop== Sculpt Mode ==
2007-06-24 Nicholas Bishop== Sculpt Mode ==
2007-06-23 Campbell BartonPyAPI - incorrect docstrings for colorbands
2007-06-23 Joshua Leung== Action Editor - Keyframe Selection ==
2007-06-23 Joshua Leung== Action Editor ==
2007-06-23 Joshua Leung== Auto-Keyframing ==
2007-06-23 Erwin Coumansupgrade to latest Bullet 2.53. cross the fingers it...
2007-06-23 Erwin Coumanspreparation to upgrade to Bullet 2.53
2007-06-23 Erwin Coumansbugfix: adding static objects will 'replace' previously...