Fix #29295: Problem with Alpha Channel video in Sequencer and textures
[blender-staging.git] / source / blender / collada / ExtraTags.cpp
2011-10-28 Miika HamalainenMerge with trunk r41342
2011-10-24 Brecht Van LommelCycles: svn merge -r41225:41232 ^/trunk/blender
2011-10-23 Campbell Bartonremove $Id: tags after discussion on the mailign list...
2011-09-17 Brecht Van LommelCycles: svn merge -r39870:r40266 https://svn.blender...
2011-09-15 Sergey Sharybinsvn merge -r39834:40222
2011-09-13 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r39800:39900
2011-09-07 Benoit Bolseesvn merge -r 37306:39975
2011-09-05 Miika HamalainenMerge with trunk r39928
2011-09-05 Bastien MontagneMerging r39847 through r39930 from trunk into vgroup_mo...
2011-09-03 Campbell Bartonwarning fixes
2011-07-16 Joshua LeungBugfix [#27157] keyframing a constrained bone does...
2011-06-08 Mike Erwinmigrated NDOF code from soc-2010-merwin, SpaceNavigator...
2011-05-16 Nick Samarinsynched with trunk at revision 36569
2011-03-30 Nathan LetworyCOLLADA lights:
2011-03-28 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2011-03-28 Nathan LetworyAdd missing header for *nix machines.
2011-03-28 Nathan LetworyImport light blender profile if it exists.
2011-03-27 Nathan LetworyAdd blender light profile.
2011-03-26 Guillermo S. RomeroSVN maintenance.
2011-03-25 Nathan LetworyAdd ExtraTags class for handling tags inside an extra...