NLA Editor: Added "Sync Action Length" operator to Edit menu
[blender-staging.git] / release / scripts / ui /
2011-01-19 Joshua LeungNLA Editor: Added "Sync Action Length" operator to...
2011-01-18 Joshua LeungNLA Editor: Swap Strips (Alt-F) and Bugfixes
2011-01-13 Campbell Bartonpep8 corrections.
2011-01-06 Joshua LeungAdded back "Marker" menu to all animation editors.
2010-11-07 Joshua LeungAnimation Editors: Channel Reordering
2010-08-27 Campbell Bartonmove dopesheet UI template from C to python
2010-08-18 Campbell Bartonmore rna renaming.
2010-08-17 Campbell Bartonapply all rna naming changes for rna_space.c
2010-08-05 Joerg Muellersvn merge -r 30954:31059
2010-08-02 Martin PoirierRNA Types metaclass registration
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerRecreating my GSoC branch.
2010-06-19 Joerg MuellerDeleting my GSoC branch to recreate it.
2010-03-24 Campbell Bartonfix for keying set rna path attribute and object select...
2010-02-22 Campbell Bartonpep8 cleanup + correction for external player operator...
2010-02-16 Campbell Barton[#21177] Text editor
2010-02-14 Campbell Bartonchange python scripts so modules which register with...
2010-02-12 Campbell Bartoncorrect fsf address
2010-01-30 Arystanbek DyussenovCOLLADA branch: merge from trunk -r 25745:26429.
2010-01-24 Campbell Bartoncopy of docs from 2.4x for python modules that have...
2010-01-20 Joshua LeungAnimation Editors: Restored 'Realtime Updates' toggle
2010-01-09 Campbell BartonRNA/Py API
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge from trunk -r 25003:25745.
2010-01-05 Arystanbek DyussenovMerge -c 25001,25310,25311,25638,25746 from COLLADA...
2009-12-13 Campbell Bartonadd pep8 headers so these scripts spit out errors when...
2009-12-11 Brecht Van LommelSculpt Branch:
2009-12-10 Campbell Bartonrename operators TFM_OT_* --> TRANSFORM_OT_*
2009-12-10 Campbell Bartonremove ICON prefix from the enum, for python this is...
2009-12-09 Brecht Van LommelSculpt Branch:
2009-12-08 Campbell Bartonwhite space commit (spaces -> tabs and clearing whitespace)
2009-12-08 Joshua LeungAnimation Editors: Fixes for RNA/Python Bastardisation
2009-12-07 Elia SartiPythonazed DopeSheet and NLA editors headers UI.