2009-01-29 Joshua LeungAnimato: Groundwork for getting Action Constraint funct...
2009-01-29 Campbell Bartoninclude Py_CmpToRich for python versions lower then 3
2009-01-29 Joshua LeungSilencing MSVC warnings in code that I maintain
2009-01-29 Joshua Leungscons compiling fixes for new blenfont module
2009-01-29 Joshua LeungAnimato: Added base-code for converting the ugly old...
2009-01-29 Campbell Bartonpython3 couldn't generate epydocs because python3 needs...
2009-01-29 Nicholas BishopAdded CMake files needed for new blenfont module.
2009-01-29 Diego BorghettiMoving Language code from interface/text.c to blenfont...
2009-01-29 Nicholas Bishop* Brought back special normal recalc for sculpt (only...
2009-01-29 Joshua LeungAnimato: Conversion code + drawing tweaks
2009-01-28 Brecht Van... 2.5:
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungAnimation Editors: Tweaking/Refresh Issues
2009-01-28 Campbell Barton* Was missing checks for scene->ed which crashed blende...
2009-01-28 Brecht Van... 2.5:
2009-01-28 Brecht Van... 2.5:
2009-01-28 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-28 Andrea Weikert2.5 MSVC9 projectfiles
2009-01-28 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-28 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-28 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-28 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: Restoring most tools
2009-01-28 Campbell Bartonuse wine for cross compiling
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: Bringing back editing tools
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungGraph Editor:
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungGraph Editor - Restored all Transform tools
2009-01-28 Joshua LeungAnimato - Driver + ShapeKey bugfixes
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Kent MeinWas missing TRUE so I included extra header that had it,
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Joshua LeungAnimato - Bugfixes + More conversion code
2009-01-27 Joshua LeungQuick fix - Alt-B in Graph Editor works again... normal...
2009-01-27 Joshua LeungGraph Editor:
2009-01-27 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-27 Joshua LeungGraph Editor - Selection Tools
2009-01-27 Matt Ebb* Struct-ified user preferences RNA
2009-01-27 Joshua Leung2.5 - Bugfixes for loading ManCandy
2009-01-26 Michael Fox 2.5
2009-01-26 Joshua LeungGraph Editor: Added files + Bugfixes
2009-01-26 Nicholas BishopAdded some code in sculpt and RNA for textures with...
2009-01-26 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-26 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-26 Joshua LeungAnimato/2.5 - Graph Editor (i.e. the new 'IPO Editor')
2009-01-26 Campbell Barton* Added WM_operator_filesel which can be used for an...
2009-01-26 Brecht Van... 2.50: svn merge
2009-01-26 Joshua Leung2.5 DopeSheet/Action Editor
2009-01-25 Nicholas BishopAdded radial control support to vpaint and wpaint....
2009-01-25 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-25 Martin Poirier2.5
2009-01-25 Campbell Bartonmake operator names more consistent
2009-01-25 Campbell Barton* added operators SEQUENCER_OT_lock, unlock, reload...
2009-01-25 Joshua LeungAnimato - Bugfix for Conversion of Object Rotations
2009-01-25 Nicholas BishopDid some refactoring with brush and sculpt to make...
2009-01-25 Joshua LeungAnimato - Bugfixes + Nicer names in Action Editor
2009-01-25 Campbell Bartonfix syntax error
2009-01-24 Nathan Letwory2.5 / MSVC
2009-01-24 Nicholas BishopFixed a drawing error in radial control and a warning...
2009-01-24 Nicholas BishopMore radial control work.
2009-01-24 Shaul Kedemeditmesh face menu back, ctrl-pkey
2009-01-24 Nicholas BishopAdded back old sculptmode FKEY radial control. (Moved...
2009-01-24 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-24 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-24 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-24 Joshua LeungAnimato - Shapekeys work again
2009-01-24 Joshua LeungAnimato - Insert Keyframe for PoseChannels
2009-01-24 Joshua Leung2.5 - Pose-Channel (i.e. PoseMode bone) Transforms...
2009-01-24 Campbell Bartonmy last commit broke transforming metastrips, use find_...
2009-01-24 Joshua LeungAnimato - FCurve Modifier Bugfixes
2009-01-24 Nicholas BishopAdded back a line removed in r18642 so the macro CFRA...
2009-01-24 Campbell Bartonadded back extend (Ekey) to sequener transform, works...
2009-01-23 Campbell Barton* operators for toggling, making, separating metastrip...
2009-01-23 Joshua LeungAnimato - More compatability work
2009-01-23 Brecht Van... 2.5: multiple small fixes
2009-01-23 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-23 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-23 Campbell Bartonfix for eternal loop that could happen when resizing...
2009-01-23 Michael Fox 2.5
2009-01-23 Brecht Van... 2.5: WM Compositing
2009-01-23 Joshua LeungAnimato: Added conversions for Camera data and Texture...
2009-01-23 Shaul Kedemremove doubles op, ton: is this working properly?
2009-01-23 Joshua LeungAnimato:
2009-01-23 Joshua LeungAnimato Bugfixes:
2009-01-22 Andrea Weikert2.5 MSVC9 projectfiles
2009-01-22 Campbell BartonNew Operators, duplicate is shift+d, Add operators...
2009-01-22 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-22 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-01-22 Joshua LeungAnimato - Basic version patching support
2009-01-22 Nicholas Bishop* Fixed some crashiness with sculpt file loading
2009-01-22 Nicholas BishopUndo in sculpt mode works now. Also removed some unused...
2009-01-21 Nicholas BishopBrought back sculpt smooth brush. Also added a new...
2009-01-21 Nicholas BishopBrought back rake mode for sculpt (turns the brush...
2009-01-21 Nicholas BishopBrought back textures for sculpt mode. These are stored...
2009-01-21 Andrea Weikert2.5 filebrowser
2009-01-21 Andrea Weikert2.5 MSVC9 projectfiles
2009-01-21 Campbell Bartonsequencer operators duplicate, delete, separate images.
2009-01-21 Nicholas Bishop* Fixed a minor CMake error for WITH_YAFRAY option
2009-01-21 Campbell Bartonsequencer header buttons, not linked up to anything...