2017-10-30 Campbell BartonCMake: cleanup
2017-10-29 Ray MolenkampCMake: use only absolute linker paths for msvc.
2017-10-29 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: added frame offset property
2017-10-29 Brecht Van... Cycles: restore SOBOL_SKIP hack, for some cases where...
2017-10-29 Sybren A. StÃ... Alembic: exporting MetaBalls as mesh
2017-10-29 Sybren A. StüvelInclude file for DNA_DEPRECATED macro
2017-10-29 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import: fixed mesh corruption when changing...
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonBMesh: use heap update for dissolve-decimate
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonBLI_heap: add validation check, improve tests
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonCurve Fitting: heap reinsertion optimization
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: move docs out of header
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: const args
2017-10-29 Campbell BartonBLI_heap: minor changes to the API
2017-10-28 Campbell BartonUse BLI_heap_reinsert for decimate and beautify
2017-10-28 Campbell BartonBLI_hash: add BLI_heap_reinsert
2017-10-28 Campbell BartonGTest: initial BLI_heap test
2017-10-28 Joshua LeungFix T53185: After rendering an animation (Ctrl-F12...
2017-10-28 Campbell BartonBLI_array_store: correct hashing single bytes
2017-10-28 Campbell BartonCleanup: use uint type in BLI
2017-10-27 Campbell BartonDocs: clarify return value for BVH API
2017-10-27 Campbell BartonFix T53131: Incorrect vert-edge angle calculation
2017-10-26 Julian EiselRemove SCREEN_OT_header_flip, use SCREEN_OT_region_flip...
2017-10-26 Arto KitulaFix T52984. Trackpad rotation to natural direction
2017-10-26 Sybren A. StüvelUsing gtest fixtures in Alembic export tests
2017-10-26 Campbell BartonEvent System: check_click was left set
2017-10-25 Brecht Van... Cycles: use AO factor to let user adjust intensity...
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, remove redundant calls to add_component
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Need to tag relations for update after new...
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Rework debug relations update function
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Add missing forward struct declarations
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, trailing whitespace and braces
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Make depsgraph.debug_stats to return a string
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Add missing movie clip dopesheet invalidation
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Use explicit opcode for shape key
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, use explicit cloth modifier opcode
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, don't call explicit add_id()
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Use explicit parameters eval operation code
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, use proper style for macro loop
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Remove unsued node flag
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Make operation codes more obvious
2017-10-25 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Remove bunch of debug code
2017-10-25 Campbell BartonFix T53004: XWayland ignores cursor-warp calls
2017-10-24 Brecht Van... Fix one more assert being triggered due to recent changes.
2017-10-24 Brecht Van... Code refactor: remove MEM_WRITE_ONLY, always use MEM_RE...
2017-10-24 Brecht Van... Fix Cycles gtests build on macOS.
2017-10-24 Brecht Van... Fix T53146: incomplete multi GPU and CPU + GPU memory...
2017-10-24 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix compilation in debug mode
2017-10-24 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix compilation error without C++11
2017-10-24 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix memory leak in test and simplify code
2017-10-24 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix test compilation failure after recent refactor
2017-10-24 Campbell BartonFix T53143: Knife Crash after Grid Fill
2017-10-24 Campbell BartonFix BMesh PyAPI internal flag clearing logic
2017-10-24 Campbell BartonFix edge-split bmesh operator giving empty result
2017-10-24 Joshua LeungFix T53130: NLA Tweak (moved) Tracks + Alt+RMB Select...
2017-10-24 Brecht Van... Fix T53134: denoising with CPU + GPU render leaves...
2017-10-23 Brecht Van... Code refactor: move more memory allocation logic into...
2017-10-23 Brecht Van... Code refactor: use device_only_memory and device_vector...
2017-10-23 Brecht Van... Code refactor: store device/interp/extension/type in...
2017-10-23 Brecht Van... Code refactor: pass device to scene, check OSL with...
2017-10-23 Campbell BartonVSE: draw grid lines at every second
2017-10-23 Campbell BartonDocs: improve bmesh exception message
2017-10-23 Campbell BartonCorrect gtest error in recent beautify change
2017-10-22 Campbell BartonPolyfill Beautify: half-edge optimization
2017-10-21 Brecht Van... Code refactor: avoid some unnecessary device memory...
2017-10-21 Brecht Van... Code refactor: simplify image device memory allocation.
2017-10-21 Brecht Van... Fix issue with resumable rendering in recent changes.
2017-10-21 Brecht Van... Cycles: disable progressive refine if denoising or...
2017-10-21 Brecht Van... Cycles: combined CPU + GPU rendering support.
2017-10-21 Julian EiselMove & rename uiLayoutOperatorButs to interface_templates.c
2017-10-21 Campbell BartonCleanup: use relative imports in bl_ui
2017-10-20 Brecht Van... Fix T53109: denoising variance debug passes not working...
2017-10-20 Brecht Van... Fix compositor node links getting lost on file load...
2017-10-20 Joshua LeungFix T46163: NLA properties with drivers aren't displaye...
2017-10-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: redundant casts
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace gpencil tri vars w/ array
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonCorrect last commit, use WM_exit
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonExit with invalid command line arguments
2017-10-19 Sergey SharybinAllow non-initialized memory to be passed to BKE_id_copy_ex
2017-10-19 Bastien MontagneAdd note about handling of root nodetree in ID copydata.
2017-10-19 Sergey SharybinCycles: Add extra logging in CUDA device detection...
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: redundant comments
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonUI: 3D View, object menu
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonUI: 3D View, undo menu reorganization
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonUI: 3D View, minor menu reorganization
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonUI: 3D View Mesh "Select" menu reorganization
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonUI: 3D View "View" menu reorganization
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: pep8/line length
2017-10-19 Campbell BartonDocs: correct descriptions
2017-10-18 Brecht Van... Fix part of T53038: principled BSDF clearcoat weight...
2017-10-18 Bastien MontagneFix mistake in new ID copy code in 'no allocate' case.
2017-10-18 Bastien MontagneFix wrong comment (leftover from dev time).
2017-10-18 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix wrong shading when some mesh triangle has...
2017-10-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: Use const for RNA EnumPropertyItem args
2017-10-18 Brecht Van... Fix T53098, T53079: OpenCL world texture errors after...
2017-10-17 Alexander GavrilovMake auto handle placement aware of cyclic extrapolation.
2017-10-17 Campbell BartonFix T52959: Local view looses clip range on exit
2017-10-17 GermanoFix T53074: Use the pybuffer->itemsize to get the corre...
2017-10-17 Sergey SharybinFix T53007: OpenSubdiv + transparency = artefact/crashes
2017-10-17 Sergey SharybinGPU: Report number of compressed texture formats to...
2017-10-17 Sergey SharybinGPU: Fix memory corruption in GPU_debug on GTX1080