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ownerBlender Foundation
last changeThu, 6 Dec 2018 01:41:37 +0000 (02:41 +0100)
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezBthree: Set last item in navbar to Call-to-action master
2018-11-29 Pablo VazquezUI: Use System Fonts
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Background video support.
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezNavigation: Responsive fixes for mobile.
2018-11-23 Sybren A. StüvelUse absolute URL for placeholder_background_small.jpg
2018-11-22 Pablo VazquezFooter: tweaks for mobile.
2018-11-22 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Call-to-action in navbar.
2018-11-14 Pablo VazquezBWA: Not-so thin title on .featured
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezStyles: Import font borg into fonts sass
2018-10-04 Pablo VazquezUtils: Style textarea using inputs generic
2018-10-03 Pablo VazquezUtil for generic input styling
2018-10-02 Pablo VazquezFonts: Use variable for path so it can be overriden
2018-10-01 Pablo VazquezFont borg: use variable for path
2018-10-01 Sybren A. StüvelCompatibility with NodeJS 10
2018-08-17 Pablo VazquezHost our own fonts.
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezUpdate gulpfile.js to gulp 4
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