BWA: Fix responsive layout for global navbar
[blender-web-assets.git] / index.html
11 days ago Pablo VazquezBWA: Update dropdown menu in boilerplate
12 days ago Pablo VazquezBWA: Replace mentions to Blender Cloud with Studio
2021-10-21 Pablo VazquezBWA: Update boilerplate
2021-10-06 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup primary variable
2021-07-23 Mike NewbonRemove refrences to Blender Network or Certification
2019-11-14 Pablo VazquezBoilerplate: Update to the latest changes.
2019-06-25 Pablo VazquezBWA: boilerplate update wip.
2019-06-20 Pablo VazquezBWA: Remove no longer used script.
2017-06-29 Pablo VazquezSmall cleanup of index.html and move navbar classes...
2017-02-22 Pablo VazquezUpdate fonts and libraries
2015-12-09 Pablo VazquezIntroducing gulp build system for Web Assets
2015-11-29 Pablo VazquezSimplify top bar logic for transition
2015-08-03 Pablo VazquezNavbar, take colors from bar, dont force them so we...
2015-07-27 Pablo VazquezDisable all cases of btn-group for now
2015-07-13 Pablo VazquezDefaults for transparent navbar, account for dark headers
2015-07-13 Pablo VazquezTweaks to breadcrumbs with link (for Blender Cloud...
2015-07-13 Pablo VazquezOverlay for featured header
2015-07-13 Pablo VazquezAssets Shared Navbar: pass text/bg color as arguments
2015-07-09 Pablo VazquezSeveral updates:
2015-04-30 Pablo VazquezIntroducing btn-outline, next to squishy and the gang
2015-04-29 Pablo VazquezTweak for nav-tabs color and justified
2015-04-25 Pablo VazquezAdded flex class
2015-04-07 Pablo VazquezMinor alignment adjustments and tweaks for navbar on...
2015-03-25 Pablo VazquezDots on ul/li in boxes, cleanup, and other minor tweaks
2015-03-16 Pablo VazquezAdd mixin text-overflow-ellipsis, and fix RowSameHeight
2014-12-14 Pablo VazquezBeautify form with errors
2014-12-13 Pablo VazquezAdded Visibility stuff to test, and tweaked the definit...
2014-12-08 Pablo VazquezColor checked boxes
2014-12-08 Pablo VazquezFix labels top position when in horizontal and not
2014-12-08 Pablo VazquezStyle checkboxes (without addons)
2014-12-07 Pablo VazquezAdd padding on select fields when there's input-group...
2014-12-05 Pablo VazquezSimplify the flip action for cards. Now is just a matte...
2014-11-27 Pablo VazquezTweaks to colors and added blockquote
2014-11-25 Pablo VazquezAccordion example for BWA
2014-11-19 Pablo VazquezVertical-align the text on the header, important to...
2014-11-05 Pablo VazquezMoved css/sass/ to sass/ and renamed generic.sass to...
2014-10-29 Pablo VazquezFixed css and js links in index.html
2014-10-29 Pablo VazquezMoved utils/boilerplate.html to index.html