BWA: Fix responsive layout for global navbar
[blender-web-assets.git] / styles / _navigation.sass
2021-11-23 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix responsive layout for global navbar master
2021-11-23 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix Tabs block alignment
2021-11-19 Pablo VazquezBWA: Introducing global navigation
2021-11-16 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix navbar toggler color
2021-10-21 Pablo VazquezBWA: Minor fixes and cleanup labels
2021-10-21 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix navbar toggle display
2021-10-08 Pablo Fix alignment of cta button on header
2021-10-07 Pablo VazquezBWA: Adjust font sizes
2021-10-06 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup
2021-10-01 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup
2021-09-21 Pablo VazquezBWA: Navigation Tabs style adjustment
2021-09-17 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix navigation link highlight
2021-09-10 Pablo VazquezBWA: Navigation bars cleanup and minor tweaks
2021-09-10 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup
2021-09-09 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup and tweaks to navbars
2021-09-08 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup
2021-07-23 Mike NewbonMoved sticky position only to main navigation
2021-07-21 Mike NewbonFix donate button padding
2021-07-21 Mike NewbonMake the main navigation sticky to fix the page offset...
2020-03-13 Pablo VazquezCSS: Don't be so strict setting navbar items color.
2020-03-12 Pablo VazquezNavbar: Highlight items with [NEW] as title.
2020-02-14 Pablo VazquezCleanup
2019-10-22 Pablo VazquezNavbar: prevent being hidden when the navbar is expanded.
2019-10-22 Pablo VazquezNavbar: use SVG icon for navbar-toggler
2019-09-18 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix dropdown menus.
2019-09-10 Pablo navbar background color white
2019-08-30 Pablo VazquezBWA: color tweak to navbar items when active.
2019-08-30 Pablo VazquezBWA: navbar links and active status more subtle
2019-07-23 Pablo VazquezBWA: cleanup and minor tweaks
2019-07-10 Pablo VazquezBWA: New style for tabs.
2019-07-05 Pablo VazquezBWA: Minor style tweaks to navbar item.
2019-07-05 Pablo VazquezBWA: Cleanup buttons.
2019-06-20 Pablo VazquezBWA: light color for secondary navbar.
2019-06-19 Pablo VazquezBWA: minor cleanup and tweaks.
2019-06-19 Pablo VazquezBWA: Fix navbar hide on scroll behavior.
2019-06-19 Pablo VazquezBWA: refactor page scrolled state.
2019-06-13 Pablo VazquezBWA: responsive fixes.
2019-06-13 Pablo VazquezBWA: tweaks to featured header.
2019-06-12 Pablo VazquezBWA: less padding on navbar items.
2019-06-11 Pablo Fix mobile menu.
2019-06-11 Pablo VazquezBWA: Update to BS4.
2019-06-04 Pablo VazquezBWA: Upgrade to Bootstrap 4.
2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezBthree: Set last item in navbar to Call-to-action
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezNavigation: Responsive fixes for mobile.
2018-11-22 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Call-to-action in navbar.
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezCleanup and use box-card mixin more
2018-08-08 Pablo VazquezTweaks to icons
2018-08-03 Pablo VazquezNavbar: Tweaks for icons
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezNavigation: Bring some styling of the navbar from blend...
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezNavigation: wrap items
2017-11-29 Pablo VazquezMinor adjustments to header and navigation
2017-11-28 Pablo VazquezResponsive tweaks to navbar header
2017-11-15 Pablo VazquezSplit styling for navigation (navbars), buttons and...