2018-12-06 Pablo VazquezBthree: Set last item in navbar to Call-to-action master
2018-11-29 Pablo VazquezUI: Use System Fonts
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Background video support.
2018-11-26 Pablo VazquezNavigation: Responsive fixes for mobile.
2018-11-23 Sybren A. StüvelUse absolute URL for placeholder_background_small.jpg
2018-11-22 Pablo VazquezFooter: tweaks for mobile.
2018-11-22 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Call-to-action in navbar.
2018-11-14 Pablo VazquezBWA: Not-so thin title on .featured
2018-10-24 Pablo VazquezStyles: Import font borg into fonts sass
2018-10-04 Pablo VazquezUtils: Style textarea using inputs generic
2018-10-03 Pablo VazquezUtil for generic input styling
2018-10-02 Pablo VazquezFonts: Use variable for path so it can be overriden
2018-10-01 Pablo VazquezFont borg: use variable for path
2018-10-01 Sybren A. StüvelCompatibility with NodeJS 10
2018-08-17 Pablo VazquezHost our own fonts.
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezUpdate gulpfile.js to gulp 4
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezUpdate README from 4 years ago
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezNo left padding for sidebar list
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezStyle for list of flat pages in the footer
2018-08-14 Pablo VazquezCleanup and use box-card mixin more
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezDon't include bootstrap in main, it's always in a diffe...
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezMore narrow space between links
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezMove navbar scroll into tutti
2018-08-10 Pablo VazquezTweaks to links in footer
2018-08-09 Pablo VazquezFixes to buttons
2018-08-09 Pablo VazquezContainer behavior util
2018-08-09 Pablo VazquezInitial pure CSS icons for BWA
2018-08-08 Pablo VazquezTweaks to icons
2018-08-08 Pablo VazquezUse SVG for footer icons
2018-08-07 Pablo VazquezFont-borg to Sass
2018-08-07 Pablo VazquezBWA: Split main into individual Sass files
2018-08-07 Pablo VazquezBWA: Update dependencies
2018-08-03 Pablo VazquezNavbar: Tweaks for icons
2018-08-03 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Notifications
2018-08-03 Pablo VazquezTables: Tweaks to default style
2018-08-02 Pablo VazquezNo active link in header
2018-08-02 Pablo VazquezCards design & Call to Action buttons
2018-08-01 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Templates
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezButtons: Higher contrast when active/focus
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezMinor tweaks to woosh
2018-03-08 Pablo VazquezWhoosh buttons on par with hop button
2018-03-05 Pablo VazquezTweaks to admin icon
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezNavigation: Bring some styling of the navbar from blend...
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezNavigation: wrap items
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFeatured: support for credits
2017-11-30 Pablo VazquezFooter navigation: tag for new links
2017-11-29 Pablo VazquezMinor adjustments to header and navigation
2017-11-29 Pablo VazquezUse Roboto for headings and slightly tweak primary...
2017-11-29 Pablo VazquezCleanup
2017-11-28 Pablo VazquezResponsive tweaks to navbar header
2017-11-28 Pablo VazquezCleanup on .box class
2017-11-27 Pablo VazquezSmaller header title
2017-11-27 Pablo VazquezHeader: Style tweaks for new call-to-actions in header...
2017-11-16 Pablo VazquezIntroducing: Hop! Little indicator to hop to the top...
2017-11-16 Pablo VazquezMoved placeholder code to to input.sass
2017-11-16 Pablo VazquezMove input styling to its own file
2017-11-16 Pablo VazquezButtons: Introduce btn-primary and btn-default.
2017-11-15 Pablo VazquezCleanup buttons style
2017-11-15 Pablo VazquezSplit styling for navigation (navbars), buttons and...
2017-11-15 Pablo VazquezPNG version of the blender logo
2017-11-14 Sybren A. StüvelIncluded missing image placeholder_background_small...
2017-11-14 Sybren A. StüvelRemoved executable permissions from favicon
2017-11-13 Pablo VazquezPosition background image on top for large headers
2017-11-13 Pablo VazquezHide bullets from navbar
2017-11-13 Pablo VazquezFix missing bullets on unordered lists
2017-09-19 Pablo VazquezFix border on buttons
2017-09-19 Pablo VazquezSet border style and width for button mixin
2017-09-19 Pablo VazquezColor links on header
2017-09-18 Pablo VazquezRemove image-rendering-crisp mixin
2017-08-31 Pablo VazquezFix for Flex Rows
2017-08-25 Pablo VazquezSmall tweaks mainly to buttons (.btn)
2017-08-25 Pablo VazquezMixin for position absolute zero
2017-08-18 Pablo VazquezFix menu on mobile and minor adjustments
2017-08-17 Pablo VazquezHeader tweaks
2017-08-17 Pablo VazquezCenter header and secondary navigation
2017-08-10 Pablo VazquezSlightly smaller largest font
2017-08-04 Pablo VazquezFooter navigation tweaks
2017-07-25 Pablo VazquezResponsive tweak for social icons
2017-07-01 Pablo VazquezHeader 'featured' no longer has so many sizes
2017-06-30 Pablo VazquezFix overlapping menu
2017-06-30 Pablo VazquezBottom padding of container main
2017-06-30 Pablo Vazquez-webkit- prefix
2017-06-30 Pablo VazquezConfig: Lighter/darker background colors
2017-06-30 Pablo VazquezUtils: text-gradient mixin
2017-06-29 Pablo VazquezSmall cleanup of index.html and move navbar classes...
2017-06-28 Pablo VazquezCleanup
2017-06-28 Pablo VazquezCleanup and refactor of navigation menu classes
2017-06-27 Pablo VazquezFooter: minor style tweaks
2017-06-27 Pablo VazquezCleanup of deprecated mixins
2017-06-21 Pablo VazquezSlide in nav menu for mobile
2017-06-21 Pablo VazquezMove soyadmin button on mobile
2017-06-01 Pablo VazquezFix submit button
2017-05-31 Pablo Vazquezspace between secondary navigation and content
2017-05-31 Pablo VazquezMinor style tweaks for mobile
2017-05-31 Pablo Vazquez'sass' > 'styles'
2017-05-29 Pablo VazquezFull width containers
2017-05-29 Pablo VazquezMore cleanup
2017-05-26 Pablo Vazquezcleanup and rename of variables
2017-05-26 Pablo VazquezSmall tweaks to blockquote
2017-02-22 Pablo VazquezCleanup and better form inputs