fixed spacing in the headers to get rid of some warnings and some other
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2002-10-30 Kent Meinfixed spacing in the headers to get rid of some warning...
2002-10-30 Kent Meinsome small optimizations
2002-10-30 Kent Meinremoved some unused variables
2002-10-30 Kent MeinTook out "" verses <> and just left <> for includes.
2002-10-30 Kent MeinFilled out the spacebar menu a little and removed dummy
2002-10-29 Kent MeinFixed defined __sparc to also check for __sparc__ ...
2002-10-21 Erwin Coumansmoved KX_Python_... files from ketsji to expressions
2002-10-19 Norman Linadded notes on collisions between dynas and "static...
2002-10-18 Norman Linadded todo item about compatibility with 2.25
2002-10-18 Norman Linfirst checkin of ode blender engine files
2002-10-18 Norman LinFirst checkin of core ODE functionality. See OdePhysics...
2002-10-17 Norman LinUpdated punctuation to be more dramatic.
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision v2.25