remove unused vars
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / mesh / knifetool.c
2011-05-13 Campbell Bartonremove unused vars
2011-05-13 Campbell Bartonrename BMINDEX_GET/SET to BM_GetIndex/BM_SetIndex
2011-05-13 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r36603:36651
2011-05-12 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= fixed knifetool mem leak
2011-05-12 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r36603:36628
2011-05-11 Campbell Bartonmore syncing with trunk.
2011-05-11 Campbell Bartonset many vars & functions as static,
2011-05-11 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r36583:36603
2011-05-10 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r36564:36583
2011-05-09 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= fixed prop crasher and knifetool modal map...
2011-05-09 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2011-05-09 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= undo loopcut commit, for some reason the recent...
2011-05-09 Campbell Bartontag unused arguments, quiet some warnings
2011-05-09 Campbell Bartonsvn merge -r36529:36564
2011-05-09 Campbell Bartonmore syncing with trunk, also cleared many warnings...
2011-05-08 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= merge from trunk at r36529
2011-05-01 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2011-04-24 Joseph Eagaredge slide works in ortho now
2011-04-22 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= fixed edge split modifier, and a bug in knifeto...
2011-04-16 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= build modifier works now, also made scanfill...
2011-04-15 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= merge from trunk at r36153
2011-04-13 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2011-04-13 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= fixed some minor bugs with bevel/knife creating...
2011-04-13 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2011-04-11 Joseph Eagarforgot to remove the old function
2011-04-11 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2011-02-27 Joseph Eagarmerge with/from trunk at r35190
2011-02-23 Joseph Eagar=bmesh= fix bug with uvlayers
2011-02-23 Joseph Eagar=bmesh=
2010-11-10 Joseph Eagarnothing to see here...
2010-10-18 Joseph Eagarcommit of wip working copy; much bugs remain
2010-10-04 Joseph Eagarknife bugfix. more to come.
2010-10-03 Joseph Eagarcommit of working copy to debug on faster computer
2010-09-25 Joseph Eagar=BMesh: Super Knife Tool Alpha=