Snap System: Use function that does the interactor instead of Macro
[blender.git] / source / blender / editors / transform / transform_snap_object.c
2017-07-14 mano-wiiSnap System: Use function that does the interactor...
2017-07-14 mano-wiiSnap System: missing change
2017-07-14 mano-wiiSnap System: fix rename `ob` to `obj`
2017-07-13 mano-wiiSnap System: Replace creation and destruction of the...
2017-07-12 mano-wiiSnap System: remove unused function
2017-07-12 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused vars
2017-07-11 mano-wiiFix [T51595]: Snap to edge does not work with high...
2017-07-11 mano-wiiStyle (remove characters that caused "a binary file")
2017-07-11 mano-wiiSnap System: Separate raycast functions from nearest2d...
2017-06-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: doxygen comments
2017-04-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2017-03-11 Campbell BartonCleanup: code style & cmake
2017-02-26 Germano CavalcanteFix unreported bug: Ensure you have the correct array...
2017-02-14 Germano Cavalcante`BKE_boundbox_ensure_minimum_dimensions` is no longer...
2017-02-14 Germano Cavalcantetransform_snap_object: Remove `do_bb` parameter. It...
2017-02-06 Germano Cavalcantefix T50602: Avoid crash when executing `transform_snap_...
2017-02-04 Germano Cavalcantefix T50592: Scene.raycast not working
2017-02-04 Bastien MontagneFix (unreported) crash in new snap code.
2017-02-03 Germano CavalcanteSnap System: Use callbaks to differentiate how referenc...
2017-02-03 Germano CavalcanteRemove flag: `SNAP_OBJECT_USE_CACHE` from snap_context
2017-02-01 Germano CavalcanteSnap System: BVH: Ignore calculations, in parent nodes...
2017-01-31 Germano CavalcanteSnap System: Invert the test order of the elements...
2017-01-31 Sergey SharybinFix variable shadow and avoid calculating same value...
2017-01-31 Germano CavalcanteFix bug not reported: Ruler/Protractor: Snap to vertice...
2017-01-31 Germano CavalcanteSnap System: Return depth by snapping to edges and...
2017-01-31 Germano CavalcanteUse the same solution to test the pixel distance to...
2017-01-30 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Unused function and and variables in snap...
2017-01-30 Germano CavalcanteSnap System: BVH: ignore AABBs behind ray
2017-01-30 Germano CavalcanteFix unreported bug: parameter ray_start repeated
2017-01-30 Germano CavalcanteSolve compilation error: Field has incomplete type...
2017-01-29 Germano CavalcanteRemove `BKE_boundbox_ray_hit_check`
2017-01-29 Germano CavalcanteNew math_geom function `isect_ray_aabb_v3_simple`
2017-01-29 Germano CavalcanteRename func `set_SnapData` to `snap_data_set`
2017-01-29 Germano Cavalcantefix T50486: Don't always do the `ray_start_correction...
2017-01-29 Germano CavalcanteRemove struct `PreDefProject` and store all immutable...
2017-01-27 Germano CavalcanteSnap Functions: Remove the use of the function 'BLI_bvh...
2016-10-01 Germano Cavalcante[Fix unreported bug] Snap align with normal was not...
2016-07-21 Germano CavalcanteFix T48915: Wrong threshold on scaled objects and ortho...
2016-07-20 Germano Cavalcantepossible fix for crash mentioned in T48887 - Adjust...
2016-07-16 Germano CavalcanteUse the value `VIEW_PROJ_PERSP` in the remaining places
2016-07-15 Campbell Bartonmissed from last commit
2016-07-15 Campbell BartonObject Snap: make normal argument optional
2016-07-15 Campbell BartonFix T48855: Ruler thickness broken in ortho view
2016-07-15 Campbell BartonObject Snap: replace perspective bool with enum
2016-07-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment blocks
2016-07-14 Germano CavalcanteImproves the accuracy of snap to edges
2016-07-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2016-07-14 Germano CavalcanteSimplify snapping functions
2016-07-14 Campbell BartonFix T48846: Ruler/Protractor crash in ortho mode
2016-07-13 Campbell BartonUse BLI_bvhtree_walk_dfs for snapping
2016-07-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling, style
2016-07-07 Germano CavalcanteTransform Snap: fix vert & edit object in ortho view
2016-07-06 Germano CavalcanteTransform Snap: Replace pixel limit w/ 'dist_to_ray_sq'
2016-07-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment blocks
2016-06-30 Germano CavalcanteTransform Snap: Optimize edge-snap using BVH tree
2016-06-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: use const
2016-06-29 Campbell BartonCleanup: spelling, indentation
2016-06-29 Germano CavalcanteFix T48695: Slowdown w/ edit-mesh & shrinkwrap
2016-06-27 Campbell BartonDocs: arg names
2016-06-08 Campbell BartonCleanup: typos
2016-06-03 Germano CavalcanteCleanup & simplify snapping functions
2016-06-03 Germano CavalcanteFix possible uninitialized variable in snapping
2016-05-11 Campbell Bartonerror in last commit
2016-05-11 Campbell BartonCorrect check for tree being in BVH cache
2016-05-11 Campbell BartonFix crash snapping to mesh with no geometry
2016-05-11 Germano CavalcanteTransform Volume rewrite/refactor
2016-05-10 Campbell BartonCorrect armature-sketch snap context use
2016-05-09 Germano CavalcanteFix error in recent snap refactor
2016-05-06 Campbell BartonFix recent issue in recent BVH snap/cache
2016-05-05 Campbell BartonCleanup: style
2016-05-05 Campbell BartonFix error not using the cached BVH tree
2016-05-05 Germano CavalcanteTransform/Snap: EditMesh/BKE_bvhutils API improvements
2016-04-27 Brecht Van LommelFix compiler warning on OS X / clang.
2016-04-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: use const, duplicate header
2016-04-26 Campbell BartonCorrect error in recent snap-context commit
2016-04-22 Campbell BartonTransform Snap: optionally cache the BVH tree
2016-04-22 Campbell BartonTransform Snap: initial snap context refactor