RNA: correct callback type
[blender.git] / source / blender / makesrna / intern / rna_brush.c
2018-07-05 Campbell BartonRNA: correct callback type
2018-06-09 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing space in RNA
2018-03-16 Bastien MontagneFix T54310: Assert when enable Brush custom icon.
2017-12-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: Use BKE_colorband prefix
2017-12-07 Campbell BartonCleanup: extract BKE_colorband from BKE_texture
2017-10-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: Use const for RNA EnumPropertyItem args
2017-10-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: use 'e' prefix for enum typedefs
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonError in falloff_angle range in last commit
2017-10-06 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: move normal falloff into the brush
2017-10-05 Campbell BartonSculpt Mode: 2D falloff option
2017-10-05 Campbell BartonFix sculpt secondary color missing some brushes
2017-09-29 Campbell BartonVertex Paint: Alpha Support
2017-09-27 Campbell BartonVertex/Weight Paint: Use PBVH for painting
2016-05-16 Bastien MontagneCleanup rna_Brush_direction_itemf()
2016-04-15 Bastien MontagneFix T48151: Brush texture overlay won't refresh automat...
2016-01-21 Campbell BartonSculpt: pinch/inflate support for snake-hook
2016-01-21 Campbell BartonSculpt: Add rake option to snake-hook
2015-11-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: use `rna_enum_` prefix for RNA enums
2015-10-23 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename 'datablocks' -> 'data-blocks'
2015-08-31 Antony RiakiotakisFix T45258, impossible to select brush when removing...
2015-07-27 Antony RiakiotakisImage painting 2D:
2015-06-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: duplicate includes
2015-05-11 Bastien MontagneExpose PreviewImage & custom icons to py API.
2015-04-20 Campbell BartonSculpt: clay-strips was missing accumulate button
2014-12-30 Antony RiakiotakisFix issue in separate rake control commit:
2014-12-26 Antony RiakiotakisBrush Texture Angle Goodies:
2014-10-03 Antony RiakiotakisSculpting:
2014-07-23 Bastien MontagneUpdates/fixes for new UI messages.
2014-07-21 Campbell BartonCleanup
2014-07-21 Antony RiakiotakisGSOC 2013 paint
2014-07-19 Campbell BartonDefines: replace ELEM3-16 with ELEM(...), that can...
2014-05-13 Campbell BartonCode cleanup: indentation
2014-04-05 Antony RiakiotakisFix sculpt brushes stuck to drag dot or anchored mode
2014-03-30 Campbell BartonStyle cleanup
2014-03-26 Antony RiakiotakisAttempt to fix T39412
2014-01-30 Campbell BartonUI: move toggle icons out of layout checks into rna
2014-01-04 Campbell BartonRNA API: use bool's for enum itemf callbacks.
2013-12-18 Antony RiakiotakisFix T37807 gravity causes crashes when using shif-smoot...
2013-12-12 Scott PetrovicRNA: Add pixels property type
2013-12-12 Antony RiakiotakisSculpt mode Gravity feature from GSOC 2010 by Jason...
2013-12-09 Antony RiakiotakisRefactoring/cleanup, borrowed from soc-2013-paint branch.
2013-09-16 Antony RiakiotakisUndo the front-facing only commit for clay strips brush...
2013-09-14 Antony Riakiotakisfix weird issue after last commit where grab brush...
2013-09-13 Antony RiakiotakisSculpting:
2013-09-11 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: set enums as static or add RNA_enum_types...
2013-08-12 Sergey SharybinMerging r58778 through r59080 from trunk into soc-2013...
2013-08-03 Thomas DingesMerged revision(s) 58785-58855 from trunk/blender into...
2013-08-02 Antony RiakiotakisSome versioning changes/patching of the brush system:
2013-07-09 Mitchell StokesCreating a BGE staging branch.
2013-07-01 Thomas DingesMerged revision(s) 57828-57907 from trunk/blender into...
2013-07-01 Sergey SharybinMerging r57816 through r57896 from trunk into soc-2013...
2013-06-28 Gaia Clarychanged Pulldown box label for clarity
2013-04-23 Campbell Bartonrna attribute consistency edits, use common prefix...
2013-04-23 Antony RiakiotakisAllow hiding separate hiding of overlays on stroke.
2013-04-23 Antony RiakiotakisAdd stencil control for mask overlay. Key combinations...
2013-04-22 Antony RiakiotakisOverlay fixes:
2013-04-22 Antony RiakiotakisOverlay refactor:
2013-04-16 Antony RiakiotakisOption to hide overlay during a stroke. To enable,...
2013-04-12 Antony RiakiotakisAllow rake/random brush rotation for random mapping...
2013-04-12 Antony RiakiotakisPaint refactoring commit, non-disruptive (in theory :p)
2013-04-08 Brecht Van LommelFix #34875: 0 digits of precision was not supported...
2013-04-05 Campbell Bartonsvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r55776:55813
2013-04-05 Antony RiakiotakisStencil dimension control:
2013-04-05 Antony RiakiotakisPatch from kgeogeo:
2013-04-01 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 55700.
2013-03-31 Antony RiakiotakisUI cleanup:
2013-03-31 Antony RiakiotakisWoot woot commit.
2013-03-30 Antony RiakiotakisTidy up stroke options and make them sexy, aka the...
2013-03-26 Sergey SharybinMerging r55547 through r55594 from trunk into soc-2008...
2013-03-26 Sergey SharybinFreestyle: fix crash unlinking object
2013-03-25 Antony RiakiotakisAlpha mask textures porting part 1: Support for project...
2013-03-24 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 55546.
2013-03-18 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 55357.
2013-03-15 Antony RiakiotakisFix own mistake. Erroneously prefixed sculpt capabiliti...
2013-03-14 Antony RiakiotakisTwo new Features:
2013-03-11 Antony RiakiotakisJitter: Change UI. Now use lock icon to indicate relati...
2013-03-10 Antony RiakiotakisFeature request for all paint systems that support...
2013-03-07 Campbell Bartonuse bool for rna funcs.
2013-02-25 Sergey Sharybincode cleanup: remove unused and unsupported functions...
2013-02-25 Sergey SharybinCamera tracking: libmv distortion API now also uses...
2013-02-16 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 54594.
2013-02-12 Campbell Bartonfix [#34198] Scene unit size and dyntopo detail size
2013-01-26 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 54110.
2013-01-20 Antony Riakiotakis3D mapping for projective texture painting (only for...
2013-01-16 Antony RiakiotakisGet rid of the BRUSH_FIXED_TEX flag, use mapping modes...
2013-01-16 Antony RiakiotakisUnification of brush code
2013-01-05 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 53584.
2012-12-30 Nicholas BishopAdd simplify brush for sculpt mode
2012-12-10 Sergey SharybinMerging r51923 through r52851 from trunk into soc-2011...
2012-11-12 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 52118.
2012-11-09 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup: indentation
2012-06-17 Ove Murberg Henriksensvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r47023:HEAD
2012-06-10 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 47700.
2012-06-06 Sergey SharybinMerging r47507 through r47534 from trunk into soc-2011...
2012-06-06 Campbell Bartonstyle cleanup: (indentation)
2012-05-19 Tamito KajiyamaMerged changes in the trunk up to revision 46787.
2012-05-17 Ove Murberg Henriksensvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r46644:HEAD
2012-05-17 Campbell Bartonsvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r46699:46714
2012-05-16 Nicholas BishopFix for clay strips brush not showing Add/Subtract...
2012-05-16 Campbell Bartonsvn merge ^/trunk/blender -r46632:46684