made sticky UV editing options more accessible by adding them to a popup in the header.
[blender.git] / source / blender / ftfont / SConscript
2007-07-30 Joilnen LeiteFont preview
2006-02-07 Nathan Letwory==SCons==
2006-02-04 Nathan Letwory== SCons ==
2004-05-16 Kester MaddockAdded #!/usr/bin/python standard script identifier...
2004-05-08 Jean-Luc Peurièrepost 2.33 release commit of the modified SCons files...
2004-02-29 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-23 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-21 Nathan Letwory- [win32] updated SConscripts to use new configuration...
2004-02-21 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-02-15 Michel SeltenSCons updates
2004-01-05 Michel SeltenSCons updates:
2004-01-05 Nathan Letwory- Added the SConscripts for ftfont and quicktime