code cleanup: change C naming convention (so py and C api match), eg:
[blender.git] / source / blender / bmesh / intern / bmesh_queries.h
2012-04-23 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: change C naming convention (so py and...
2012-04-19 Campbell Bartonbmesh: improve rip tool
2012-04-19 Campbell Bartonbmesh inset: add depth option (make use of relative...
2012-04-19 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: remove unused BMesh args.
2012-04-19 Campbell Bartonbmesh api function: BM_edge_face_tangent()
2012-04-18 Campbell Bartonbmesh api: minor simplify & cleanup
2012-03-25 Campbell Bartonbmesh inset: another small improvement - use the shared...
2012-03-22 Campbell Bartoncode cleanup: remove BMesh * args from query functions...
2012-03-19 Campbell BartonBMesh utility functions, not used yet,
2012-03-11 Campbell Bartonbmesh: edge loop select
2012-03-11 Antony RiakiotakisFix edge loop selection. Now boundary selection checks...
2012-03-11 Campbell Bartonbmesh python api additions:
2012-03-08 Campbell Bartonbmesh py api, new functions:
2012-03-04 Campbell Barton* rename BM_face_other_loop --> BM_face_other_edge_loop
2012-03-04 Campbell Bartonswitch arg order for BM_face_other_* funcs (make face...
2012-03-03 Campbell Bartonbmesh edge rotate
2012-02-28 Campbell Bartonmore header re-arranging.
2012-02-28 Campbell Bartonbmesh: re-arrange headers