This is part of the cleanup Campbell wanted :)
[blender.git] / intern / SoundSystem / intern / SND_Utils.cpp
2008-09-25 Kent MeinThis is part of the cleanup Campbell wanted :)
2008-05-07 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 13452:14721
2008-04-21 Daniel Genrichsvn merge -r 14236:14505
2008-04-16 Chris WantPatch from GSR that a) fixes a whole bunch of GPL/BL...
2007-11-06 Martin PoirierFilling in branch from trunk
2004-12-08 Kent MeinThis commit makes it so openal finally works on solaris.
2004-04-14 Stefan Gartnerenable openal support for os x and linux-powerpc
2002-12-06 Kent Meinsgefants patch to remove the License Key stuff.
2002-11-25 Kent MeinLast of the config.h mods...
2002-11-04 Maarten GribnauAdded fmod sound for OSX and fixed some endian problems in
2002-10-12 Hans LambermontInitial revision v2.25